Abilogic Search Engine Optimization

Based out of Russia, AbiLogic is a family oriented, spam free web directory service that began operations in 2004. It is spider friendly and provides listings via manual submissions.

Although AbiLogic is a submission directory, Search Engine Optimization by a company that offers SEO Service is still recommended, since well known indexes spider AbiLogic and add the listings found there to their databases. A good SEO strategy will help place your site within higher rankings in the popular engines.

AbiLogic has specific rules when adding sites to their lists. Repeated submissions will be ignored, and invalid category submissions will be removed. AbiLogic provides a 'Suggest a Site' feature to help users with choosing the appropriate categories to add their sites to. Furthermore, AbiLogic users are cautioned to use the 'AbiLogic Search' feature to check if their site has already been added.

AbiLogic directory is also particular about content relevancy with their directory service. They do not accept sites that are embedded with too many keywords. Therefore, they offer their users a density checker, which can be found at their SEO Tools section. AbiLogic offers both free and paid listing services. Through paid service, AbiLogic allows users to add their sites to multiple, relevant categories. The free submission service does not allow this.

If your site fulfills the necessary requirements, AbiLogic claims it will list your site within two to four weeks, for free submissions. However, this can take longer if Abilogic is overloaded with submission requests. Paid submissions, on the other hand, are listed much quicker, typically within a 12 hour period. Sites that do not meet requirements will not be listed.

Site Linkage:
AbiLogic supplies users with site linkage buttons (Abilogic link logos). These help promote the integrity of users' websites.

More guidelines for submissions can be found here.

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