Next Year's Marketing Budget

by Robert McCourty

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This article from The Mender (Issue 17),
Metamend's Web Site Optimization and Marketing Newsletter.

Yes, believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about next year. November is upon us and Christmas just around the corner. There have been many changes in Search Engine Optimization and within the Search Engine Industry itself this past year. The one thing you can count on is more of the same for 2002. One of the biggest changes is the move toward pay-for-submission models most of the engines are adopting. Notice I didn't say pay-for-placement, or pay-for-click, which are entirely different situations.

Pay-for-submission means exactly what it says. Should you, (being the owner of a website) decide to do your own search engine submissions, you will soon be required to pay each time a URL is submitted for indexing. There may also be extra charges for additional pages and of course these fees may apply to many different engines, thus increasing your costs even more. Regardless of how many engines stay with a "free submission" policy, undoubtedly you'll want your site listed within at least some which require payment.

Prices currently range from a sky high (IMHO) $299.00 USD for a Yahoo Express submission, which incidentally, -does not- guarantee your submission will be accepted, down to a somewhat reasonable rate of 39.00 USD for the first URL from AltaVista for six months or Inktomi $30.00 for one year.

The range varies greatly and will become ever more volatile as the engines battle between themselves in an attempt to see which model works best, what price levels the market will bear, and who has figured out the best model to increase profit. There is much juggling still to come.

The exact total of how much extra you should be budgeting remains to be calculated. It also depends upon how many of these programs you wish to participate. Let's just say if you plan to be doing manual submissions to the search engines next year, (for yourself or on behalf your clients) it would be prudent to prepare for these unavoidable expenditures, by figuring out where they will be covered from within your general operating budget. I.E. How do you recover these costs and how will they affect your bottom line.

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