WEB SITE MARKETING: Marketing Your Web Site To New Searchers

by Robert K. McCourty

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This article from The Mender (Issue 44),
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WEB SITE MARKETING: Marketing Your Web Site To New Searchers
by Robert K. McCourty

The Internet is still growing at a staggering rate. After you've been exposed to it for a while you tend to forget that tens of thousands of new people each day are sending their very first email or visiting their very first web site. Sounds strange doesn't it? For me that seems like several lifetimes ago. I can't image life without the Internet now.

So with all those 'newbies' out there how do you capture a portion of that potential market for your goods and services. The answer is quite simple. Don't market to them in English. Regardless of what you may believe, English is not the most popular language on the planet.

Here are the top ten:

10. French - 129 million
9. Malay-Indonesian - 159 million
8. Portuguese - 191 million
7. Bengali - 211 million (bet you didn't expect this one)
6. Arabic - 246 million
5. Russian - 277 million
4. Spanish - 392 million
3. Hindustani - 497 million
2. English - 508 million

...and the number one language spoken in the world....

1. Mandarin 1 billion plus

Surprise, surprise, the most widely spoken language on the planet is based in the most populated country on the planet. Beating second-place English by a 2 to 1 ratio*
Source Article

Now let's add up the numbers ten through one, excluding English. It totals nearly three Billion!

This Internet marketing advice is short and sweet. Put up a few pages on your web site in another language (or several) and get them listed in some of the specific search engines for those countries. I'll bet everyone reading this article knows at least one person who speaks a language other than English. Ask them to translate your page(s) for you. Viola! An entire untapped market with Millions or potentially Billions of new customers. Just imagine one percent of all those new searchers finding you first. Oh yes... And please don't forget my commission check when the sales start flowing in. :)

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