WEB SITE MARKETING: SEO Companies Become Valuable Acquisitions

by Robert K. McCourty

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This article from The Mender (Issue 43),
Metamend's Web Site Optimization and Marketing Newsletter.

I've noticed with great interest lately that several search engine optimization firms or 'search units' as they are being touted, have quietly begun to be acquired by larger firms. The latest acquisition came only a few days ago when Traffix paid a reported 5.4 million for pay-for-click administration company SendTraffic.

Here is a supporting paragraph from the same press release. It points to a trend in the marketplace:

"Larger marketing companies have begun adding search units. In December, online ad company aQuantive bought Go Toast for $13.9 million to offer a bid management tool. Last month, DoubleClick bought Performics for $65 million in a deal that will bring the company a search and affiliate marketing business."
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Being directly involved in the search engine optimization and web site marketing game, (since my partners and I own such a company) this type of news not only sparks my interest but also makes me feel like we are on the right track. SEO has finally become a genuinely recognized 'marketable' life form. The importance and value of good web site optimization as an integral part of any online marketing campaign is apparently not lost on the bigger players. They are finally starting to get it. The entire search Industry as a whole has awakened. Google's decision to go public on the stock market has fueled this fire and to a somewhat lesser extent, good pay-for-click and organic search engine optimization firms have helped the flames continue to rise.

Because search is such a hot topic and its value proposition has been officially accepted and endorsed, we now find large advertising and marketing firms, (as well as the very search engines themselves,) currently scanning the horizon for acquirable companies.

It makes sense. What could be more valuable to a large advertising, hosting, marketing or technology company than to have it's own search assets and client management systems enhanced by a top notch SEO firm? Out sourcing these services still makes excellent financial sense for many firms, but one of the reasons you'll see more and more SEO companies being bought up in the near future is for another reason. It eliminates competition. Once you own a great SEO firm no one else has access to it. Thus you have effectively restricted your competition from any chance to compete with you on the same level. You own the asset. Knight to Queen's Bishop seven. Check!

Don't be surprised to see more news on the SEO acquisition front shortly. The game's afoot and everyone is playing.

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