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by Todd Hooge

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This article from The Mender (Issue 1),
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Our webmasters are always coming up with valuable information. Here's a tip that may come in handy. As a website designer, one of your biggest concerns is not making the look good but rather, making it look good on as many different browsers as possible. To help you decide which to program for, have a look at the following stats. Following is a 1999 breakdown for two of the most popular browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer and of course Netscape:

Internet Explorer 45.99% of Market Share

Most popular version ranked by popularity...
Explorer 4.x 65.50%
Explorer 5.x 18.31%
Explorer 3.x 15.64%
Explorer 2.x 0.52%
Explorer 1.x 0.00%

Netscape 30.57% of Market Share

Most popular version ranked by popularity...
Netscape 4.x 84.54%
Netscape 3.x 14.11%
Netscape 2.x 1.12%
Netscape 1.x 0.20%

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