A Month of Interesting Weeks?

Monday, May 7, 2007
Posted by Jim Hedger @ 2:18 pm

We are in the middle of an interesting period of transition in the search and online marketing sectors. Last saw several major announcements that made change in the industry. Early on, it feels like this week is going to be similar to last. Here is a quick rundown of a half dozen or so SEO/webmaster related news items from today.
Overture Keyword Selection Tool Update

Andy Beal wrote a post at Marketing Pilgrim noting that Yahoo! is “… keeping the [Overture] Keyword Selection Tool on life support.” According to the post, Yahoo suggests using the keyword forecasting services available through Panama and YSM APIs.

“For the time being, Yahoo! plans to adjust the tool to show information from January 2007, but it’s also recommend that advertisers use the more robust forecasting capabilities in the new Sponsored Search to gain insight into expected performance.”

Are Directories Useful for SEO?

Search Engine Roundtable’s Tamar Weinberg noted a Cre8asite Forum thread about the usefulness of directories to SEOs. She continues with links to a few other SER articles about directories and link exchanges.

Pew: 51% of US Adults involved with the Internet (49% not)

At Search Engine Land, Greg Sterling reviews the 65-page Pew Internet and American Life Project report, “A Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users“.

Out of the survey findings, Pew developed an elaborate classification scheme based on ten types that fit into three broad categories:

US Laws Relating to Blogs

SiteProNews.com has a feature story from the Aviva Directory, “12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know“. There is a lot of information in the article and blogs continue to play an important part in search marketing, this is an important piece to check out.

Top 100 Advertising Campaigns

Because we’re all marketers at heart, we’ll all appreciate the AdAge Top 100 Ad Campaigns of the century list. (the exact century was not outlined and there are no post 2000 ad campaigns noted)

Lastly, The Day the Digging Died

Michael Gray (aka Graywolf) wrote a nice post-script of the Digger’s Revolution from last week titled, “The Day the Digging Died

While the Diggers may be congratulating themselves on a hard fought victory, it will be short lived. Basically they set their own homes on fire and burned them to ground to prove the point they were in charge. When the “suits” come in I fully expect there to be some changes and the power and freedom the users had will start to be throttled back. The simple reason, no one wants to advertise in the middle of a riot, and without the advertising dollars, there’s nothing to pay for the hardware and bandwidth the diggers consume like a plague of locusts.

May you live in interesting times …

Indeed Michael. We do. :)

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