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Friday, September 28, 2007
Posted by Jim Hedger @ 10:27 am

There are a number of items in the SEO/SEM news world today that will make excellent weekend reading. Here is a short list of ones that have caught my eye this morning:

SEO Developments, Challenges and Tactics, by Lee Odden takes a look at the September Report issued by UK-based SEM shop e-consultancy.  This is a good piece for business and campaign planning into 2008.

Get More Traffic By Using Images, by Pat B. Doyle is a short piece reiterating steps SEOs take to optimize graphics for image search engines.

10 Steps AOL Should Take to Reinvent the Open Directory Project (DMOZ), by Loren Baker examines the current state of DMOZ and gives several suggestions on how to improve the venerable Open Directory.

AskCity and Entertainment Publishing: A Real Two-for-One Deal was published at the Official Blog yesterday.’s City Search an excellent local search engine. If you haven’t used it for local search give it a try, especially if you are interested in saving some money. Ask is owned by IAC which also owns Entertainment Publications, a company that makes and distributes coupon books in major cities. Now, AskCity will provide discount coupons found through Entertainment Publications.

Staying on the topic of, did anyone know they are going to be introducing their own PPC program on Tuesday of next week?  Well, they are… Check out: Ask to Launch New PPC Platform By October 2nd, by Navneet Kaushal at the Unofficial SEO Blog for more information.

Lastly for today, Searcharazzi over at Search Engine Land wrote a piece noting two articles that look at the US economic situation in relation to search marketing titled, “Bubble About to Burst?“  This one is worth reading simply for staying informed.

Ok… Assuming the clouds don’t roll in and obscure what looks like the last great Pacific NW weekend of year, that should about cover a weekend’s worth of reading.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my article!

    Comment by Pat B. Doyle — Saturday, September 29, 2007 @ 5:45 am

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