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More Debunking Required

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Posted by Jim Hedger @ 12:41 pm

An article published in InformationWeek earlier today, Fear the Google Blacklist, was emailed to me because it appeared to contradict the post I wrote yesterday, Debunking the “Over-SEO” Myth. The piece, written by Thomas Claburn (who is usually accurate – imho), uses a phrase in the first sentence that makes me cringe regarding the dangers of , “… excessive search engine optimization“.

There is NO SUCH THING as excessive search engine optimization. There are foolish SEO practitioners applying SEO techniques in dangerous ways but that doesn’t equate to “excessive SEO”. That sounds more like stupid SEO to me.

For the broken-record: SEO is all about making websites better for users and simpler for search spiders. SEO is about driving pre-qualified traffic. SEO is about being an extraordinary webmaster. SEO is NOT about cheating the search engines for better positioning.

Perhaps I am naive. Though I know there are cheaters in every sector of life, I still believe in the beauty of baseball. I also believe in fair business practices and the tendency of the vast majority of humans to live within the social contract. Similarly, I strongly believe the vast majority of search engine optimization specialists are practicing clean, penalty-free techniques. I know the team I work with here at Metamend does, as do the teams at the two other SEO firms my career has been associated with.