Is Yahoo the Wrong Target for Microsoft? – MIT Prof Thinks So

Monday, February 25, 2008
Posted by Jim Hedger @ 8:59 am

Michael A. Cusumano, a professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management was quoted in Sunday’s New York Times over his suggestion that Yahoo is the wrong target for Microsoft. Though much of the SEO/SEM industry wants the deal to go through because it presents the concept of real competition to Google, Prof. Cusumano thinks buying Yahoo is a bad sort of awful choice Microsoft is making.

In his experience, the best way for a company like Microsoft to spend its investment capital is to buy a firm that does the same sort of thing they do, create and market software. If you happen to be reading this blog within two miles of Redmond, do the folks at Microsoft a favor. Run over and tell them about Cusumano’s thoughts. They might thank you for your troubles later.
The full article can be found here – Maybe Microsoft Should Stalk Different Prey (registration required)

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