Live in New York – Search Engine Strategies 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008
Posted by Jim Hedger @ 7:28 am

Street Sign advertising SES NY08I am sitting high above Times Square stealing a precious few minutes to get this post up. The largest and most influential search engine conference, Search Engine Strategies, is taking place a block and a half away at the Hilton Midtown. This is the billionth search marketing conference I’ve been at but I have a feeling it is going to be one of the most interesting. A lot is taking place behind the scenes in the search industry and, if all goes according to the very loose plan I’ve devised, much will be revealed this week.

Here’s a bit of what I am following this week:

- The Microsoft/Yahoo thing,

- Google closing the DoubleClick deal (and thus acquiring DoubleClick’s SEO firm Performics),

- The extraordinary breakthroughs we expect for our sister company Enquisite and their paid-search independent third party verification product PPC Assurance,

- The trajectory and future plans for SES conferences,

- What exactly is happening with

- Whatever else comes up…

Metamend’s representatives will be getting in later this afternoon so I have a bit of free time before assuming my duties helping them any way I can. That’s a good thing from where I sit… There is so much to do and put in place before anything substantial can get done.

For seasoned search marketers, any SES is interesting and fun. This year’s event falls on St. Patrick’s Day. That means there will be a parade in the daytime and a pub-crawl at night. The networking opportunities abound, as do the opportunities to smart-ass at SES organizer Kevin Ryan, (who apparently does NOT want another box of Lucky Charms or bar of Irish Spring soap, thank you very much…)

I will also be doing a number of speaker/industry leader interviews through and posting quick notes to this blog whenever I get the chance. Now (unfortunately), it is time to get back to the venue and prepare for a long afternoon of networking, monitoring the sessions and lining up interviews.

More sooner than later…

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