Microsoft Live Search Name Change?

Monday, November 24, 2008
Posted by Jim Hedger @ 9:50 pm

Rumour has it Microsoft Live Search is thinking of changing its name in a bid to rebrand itself as the up-and-coming #2 in the hierarchy of engines. While the name, Live Search has never taken hold in the imaginations, hearts or minds of search users, the name the company appears to be moving towards is so much less memorable or apparently meaningful it is almost downright crazy.

Crazy seems to happen around the Pacific North West fairly frequently. Perhaps its the weather. Perhaps its the nerve jolting volumes of caffeine consumed on the west coast. Perhaps it’s living beside the largest body of water in the world. Who knows why it happens but in the area between Northern California and Alaska, weirdness is often considered rational. For example, take Vista (please).

Now, there’s two typical types of crazy that happen up here in the mystic Pacific North West. One is the corporate chair bashing crazy everyone experiences from time to time. Such craziness, if applied conservatively with zest and fine timing can actually become endearing if it manifests as a proper release. If you happen to be the CEO of the world’s largest software corporation, such tantrums become the backbone of stories employees whisper to the new-kids in order to scare them back into line. This type of crazy foams over at the mouth only once or twice a year and is considered mostly harmless unless one is sitting in said chair at the time of outbreak.

The other type of craziness is a bit more insidious. Though it might appear harmless, this second form of crazy is more than a real bummer, it is spiritually and mentally transformational in all the worst ways. This kind of crazy happens when one is exposed to too many hippies. As one can imagine, there are quite a few hippie holdovers in the Pac NW. Acculturation is remarkably easy but often fraught with peril. Some otherwise rational people can be moved to suddenly change their name to Rainbow Horse Butterfly or some such silliness. Naturally,people start treating them funny after that.

That’s where Microsoft Live Search appears to be going. Rainbow Horse Butterfly land. It appears Microsoft Live Search is going to be rebranded Kumo, which is Japanese for spider and/or cloud. That’s nice eh?

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