Reviewing a Perilous Transition – The News of February 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008
Posted by Jim Hedger @ 11:47 am

The last post was about January 2008, the last “normal” month in the paradigm we had become accustomed to. Remember how it used to be? Four major search engines gave us a hint of competitiveness in the marketplace. The smallest of those engines, was considered the cutting edge of search technologies and Yahoo!’s paid search marketing platform Panama was still seen a an important part of Yahoo!’s overall plan. Then February 2008 happened. The search and Internet world changed profoundly as a simple but terribly threatening phone call led us to the series of margin calls we’re witnessing today.

February 2008


    $515.90/share, Feb 1
    $471.18/share, Feb 28


    $28.23/share, Feb 1 (was trading at $19.18 the day before Microsoft announced take-over bid)
    $27.78/share, Feb 28


    $30.45/share, Feb 1
    $27.20/share, Feb 28

Feb 1February 1, 2008 will be remembered as one of the most important days in search history. Fueled by caffeine and a very weak Yahoo! Q4-report, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer calls Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang with an offer Ballmer believed Yang could not refuse. The events that happened after this date are all somehow affected by that phone call.

Microsoft Makes $45 Billion Bid To Buy Yahoo
Microsoft is to bid $31 per share to Yahoo’s board of directors to purchase the company, a deal potentially worth $45 billion.

Live Blogging Microsoft’s Bid For Yahoo Call
The Microsoft conference call on the Yahoo bid is happening now. I’ll live blog rough notes. Greg Sterling will do a formal write-up later.

Microsoft Pounces on Yahoo’s Weak Q4, Makes $44.6B Offer
Well, maybe there’s some good news to come out of Yahoo’s recent poor financial performance after all–Microsoft wants to buy it for $44.6 billion.

Microsoft Proposes to Buy Yahoo for $44.6 Billion, Should Google Be Afraid?
So finally, the long standing rumor becomes a reality. And although this has been a long-awaited proposal, no one seemed to have predicted it to happen this soon.

Microsoft to Yahoo: Two Days to Respond or Else!
Sources at Yahoo tell me that Microsoft made its most recent overtures right after Yahoo announced its earnings Tuesday and then told Yahoo execs they had two days to respond or Microsoft would go public with the offer.

Steve Ballmer’s Internal Email Explains Yahoo Bid
It seems like only yesterday Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer was busy convincing the world that he was not interested in making a bid for Yahoo. Now TechCrunch has an internal company email that explains why Microsoft today made an unsolicited bid for the company.

The Other Side of the MS/Yahoo Deal
It’s pretty obvious that this is all about the ad dollars. But they only get those dollars because we all go online to find news and information.

Google’s Q4 Earnings Do Not Meet Expectations
It seems that recession is finally here. A report that Google’s earnings did not meet analysts’ expectations has surfaced.

Feb 2
News Corp. Said to Be Considering Yahoo Bid
According to a source at Techcrunch, News Corp. is trying to put together a syndicate to launch a bid for Yahoo.

Feb 3
Microsoft-Yahoo A-Bombed by Google
Google blasted the Microsoft bid for Yahoo on the official Google Blog this afternoon.

Microsoft Fires Back at Google: Who’s Playing Monopoly?
Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith fired back at Google in a published press release late today…

Feb 4
Yahoo! Addresses The Troops (And So Does Microsoft)
With all the furor about Microsoft’s potential acquisition of Yahoo!, how do the Yahoo! employees feel about the possibility?

Political Donations at Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft
I found this Google Maps mashup called Fundrace 2008 on Huffington Post that lets me spy on my neighbors and see what they’ve donated to political campaigns.

IAC Troubles,, And Post-Yahoo Search Share
The New York Times and Wall Street Journal both report on the legal battle for control of IAC’s board and thus the company itself. It’s not pretty, and IAC claims that it’s impeding the company’s ability to effectively operate.

Google Yahoo Alliance May Thwart Microsoft Takeover Attempt
Over the weekend Google became more involved in undermining a hostile buyout of Yahoo, Google’s largest search competitor, by Microsoft, Google’s largest tech competitor, by responding to Microsoft’s $45 Billion offer to buy Yahoo.

Matt Cutts’ Advice On Content Syndication
… is there a need to worry about duplicate content issues when submitting articles? This is what Matt Cutts had to say:

Google Objects To Microsoft & Yahoo Wedding; Microsoft Responds — Irony All Around
Not surprisingly, Google’s not happy about Microsoft’s overture to buy Yahoo.

Feb 5
HooYa! A Devil’s Deal Sent from Heaven
In the autumn of 2005, Bill Gates was asked if Microsoft would do to Google what it did to Netscape. “No”, replied Gates, We’ll do something different.”

Super Tuesday, Internet Style: How We’re Using The Web In The 2008 Elections
Today is Super Tuesday, which means that voters in 24 states are carefully reviewing their candidate research and doing last minute thoughtful analysis in preparation for voting in the primaries.

Microsoft-Yahoo: No Mention of Publisher Deals
With all the news about Microhoo, no one’s mentioned how current content deals with publishers might change — for better or worse.

Security update: Upgrade your WordPress to 2.3.3
Unless you want registered users to be able to edit your blog posts, you should update your WordPress installation to version 2.3.3.

When Linking Experts Go Underground
At least three of the most dependable link building tactics started wobbling and in some cases failed completely in 2007:

Webmasters Report February 2008 SERP Changes
Following our January SERP changes report, we’re back with the WebmasterWorld account of the changes observed at the beginning of this month.

Google Files Known Highly-Ranked Queries Patent Application
An information retrieval system includes a query revision architecture providing one or more query revisers, each of which implements a query revision strategy.

$2000 a Share Seems a Long Way Off for Google
If you were banking on Henry Blodget’s prediction that Google would soon reach $2,000 per share, you might want to re-consider that early retirement after all.

Would A Treaty Between Yahoo! & Google Diffuse Microsoft’s Attempt?
Now reports are coming in that Yahoo! might consider to revisit talks it held with Google several months ago.

Feb 6
Layoffs coming at Yahoo
Lost in the din of the commotion about Microsoft’s hostile bid for Yahoo was the announcement on Tuesday that Yahoo would be cutting 1,000 jobs, approximately 14% of its headcount.

Rating the Super Bowl Advertisers’ SEO Record
Football season is over, which is always a shame. For Giants fans, the season will linger and always trigger great memories. For the rest of us, there is always next year. For advertisers, fans are left with brief memories of ads humorous and perhaps intriguing. So what happens when fans take those memories to their favorite search engine?

The Latest From Jerry: Stay Focused, Yahoos!
Yet another employee letter to Yahoos from CEO Jerry Yang has now become public, thanks to Yahoo being required to file these things with the US Securities & Exchange Commission.

Yahoo Desperately Seeking Suitor
With limited options, Yahoo board members face increased pressure to accept Microsoft’s hostile bid.

Feb 7
Google PageRank: It Means Nothing!
I just don’t get PageRank Obsession. Unless you sell PageRank (in the form of text links), what your PR is simply doesn’t matter.

Feb 8
The Art of Competitor Analysis Discussed on
Yesterday I had the good fortune to be invited to speak on the Webcology Webmasterradio.FM radio show with Jim Hedger and Dave Davies about my experience with competitor analysis.

Debunking a misconception, plus a reminder of how search engines work
One interesting thing about my job is that I get to see a lot of unusual claims. Recently I was on an email thread and the images team wanted to address a misconception.

Decision Time for Yahoo?
According to Michael Arrington at TechCrunch, today’s the day Yahoo’s board will make a decision on how to proceed with Microsoft’s takeover bid:

Microhoo At One Week 1: Decision Nears? Yahoo Brand To Survive?
Has it only been a week since Microsoft thought it was a nice day for a Yahoo wedding? Indeed, so. And what’s happened since?

Feb 9
Rand Fishkin on Oprah Show Valentine’s Day
Well-known SEO, Rand Fishkin, of and his lovely Geraldine, fly out soon for a taping of the Oprah Winfrey show.

WSJ: Yahoo Plans To Reject Microsoft’s Offer
The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Yahoo plans to reject Microsoft’s offer as insufficient: Yahoo’s board determined that the $31 per share offer “massively undervalues” Yahoo, the person said.

Feb 10
Yahoo Board to Reject Microsoft Bid
The Wall St. Journal is reporting that Yahoo’s Board of Directors will issue a statement on Monday rejecting Microsoft’s $31/share offer. According to the Journal, the Board feels the bid is far below the true value of Yahoo and wants Microsoft to sweeten the offer by at least $9/share.

The 4 Biggest Threats Google Faces
I had a fascinating breakfast discussion with Jonathan Hochman from Hochman Consultants on Friday about Google’s market dominance and the potential roads that might eventually lead to their fall.

AOL Yahoo Talk Merger – Microsoft Rebuked
Yahoo merges with AOL, saves Time Warner and re-Bewkes Microsoft. That’s a best case scenario for Yahoo from investment bank advisers at Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers.

Feb 11
Microsoft Won’t Take “No” for an Answer
Yahoo’s board of directors may have spurned its advances, but that’s not going to stop Microsoft in its effort to acquire Yahoo.

Israeli Town Suing Google
Seems Google is being sued by a northern Israeli town because Google Maps claims it was built on an old Arab village, according to the International Herald Tribune.

Phones Debut with Google’s Android
The first prototypes of cell phones with the Android operating system, were shown to industry experts and journalists today.

NoFollow: An SEO Red Flag?
It is my belief that using the nofollow with the purpose of controlling the flow of links or link juice is a gigantic red flag in the eyes of the engines.

Yang to Microsoft: Nuts!
No deal, says Yahoo’s CEO, in response to a hostile $44.6 billion bid from Microsoft.

Google Indexing Blogs Quickly
Evidence lately seems to suggest that even if you don’t have many, or in some cases any, incoming links that Google will still index your blog pretty quickly.

Yahoo and Apple Merger?
I’m not a financial analyst–so forgive my ignorance here–but why isn’t anyone talking about a merger between Apple and Yahoo?

What, Exactly, Are Google AdSense “Other” Relevancy Factors?
If you read through Google’s official descriptions, you’ll also see references to “other relevancy factors.” What are these mysterious factors? and SEO Blogs – Love or Hate?
While doing some research for a presentation, I was checking out the site on “types of blogs” looking for creative ways to categorize them.

Feb 12
How 404 pages work in Google Toolbar Beta 5
I thought I’d play hooky from a meeting and talk about how the newest version of the Toolbar handles 404 pages for users, because I see some people writing about it this morning.

Updated: Yahoo Layoffs Happening Now
The expected Yahoo layoffs started a few hours ago. Two very good people I know are among those cut. No doubt we’re going to be hearing from many more.

Google Toolbar Hijacks Custom 404 Pages, Webmasters Not Happy
The latest version of the Google Toolbar replaces the custom 404 “Page Not Found” on the website you’re at with a Google version, which has many webmasters concerned that this change may direct users away from the website they’re browsing.

Looking For Generation Google Panelists
At our SMX West conference later this month in California, we have a special session I’m really looking forward to: Generation Google: A Talk With Today’s Teens.

Five Situations Where You SHOULD Use NoFollow for Linking
Yesterday Eric brought up the NoFollow attribute and his theory about it setting off red flags at search engines for them to look deeper into a site’s SEO practices…

Tech Companies Go After Yahoo Employees In Wake Of Microsoft & Layoff News
Silicon Valley Recruiters Zero In On Yahoo Employees from CNNMoney reports that technology recruiters are being inundated with requests from technology companies for them to find and secure Yahoo employees.

Yahoo Rejects Microsoft, Microsoft to “Pursue All Necessary Steps”
And so as expected, Yahoo issued an announcement rejecting Microsoft’s undervalued bid and even contemplated on renewing merger talks with AOL.

Android at WMC from a developer’s perspective
Android is building momentum at the Mobile World Congress ‘08 in Barcelona this week.

Feb 13
Debunking the “Over-SEO” Myth
Over at Search Engine Journal, editor Loren Baker makes a good point in a short post titled, “SEO Red Flags & SEO Misinformation : Let’s Put an End to It“.

Yahoo Mails Letter to Shareholders: Full Text
Yahoo mailed a letter to shareholders outlining the reasons the Board believes Microsoft’s proposal significantly undervalues Yahoo and isn’t in the best interests of Yahoo stockholders.

Microsoft Live Search Announces Improvements to Crawling
This week, Microsoft announced updates and improvements to the Live Search crawler, which they say will “improve the efficiency” with which they crawl and index websites.

Tamar Weinberg Joins Mashable as Community Director
Some people seem to stretch their work day into 36 hours and make the most of it. One of those people out there who continues to impress me is Tamar Weinberg…

SEO Red Flags & SEO Misinformation : Let’s Put An End to It
This really got me thinking, how much miseducation about SEO in forums and discussion groups has led to some aspect of fear amongst web publisers and businesses not to do too much SEO?

Layoffs and Social Media
I had not anticipated how quickly news of the layoffs (specific people leaving or being asked to leave) would spread on-line.

News Corporation A Potential Partner For Yahoo In Avoiding Microsoft, Google Interest ‘Wanes’
Silicon Alley Insider suggests how a News Corp. strategic investment and asset swap might turn it into Yahoo’s largest shareholder, which could then resist Microsoft’s offer

Yahoo’s Bradley Horowitz Switches to Google
Bradley Horowitz, head of Yahoo’s Advanced Technology Division … has accepted a position with Google, we’ve confirmed via a source at Yahoo.

Third Annual Yahoo Searchlight Awards Happen Against Surreal Backdrop
As Yahoo was apparently laying off its promised 1,000 workers today, I was at the Time-Life Building in New York as a panelist for the third Yahoo Searchlight Awards.

Yahoo Loses New Product Chief as Part of Layoffs
As we reported earlier, Yahoo today started laying off many of the 1,000 employees it plans to let go. I’ve started hearing from those that have been given pink slips, but the most intriguing is that Salim Ismail is out the door.

Feb 14
More Debunking Required
There is NO SUCH THING as excessive search engine optimization. There are foolish SEO practitioners applying SEO techniques in dangerous ways but that doesn’t equate to “excessive SEO”. That sounds more like stupid SEO to me.

Official: Microsoft Management Reorg Announced; Dueling Ad Groups?
We expected a management shuffle from Microsoft today, and now they’ve delivered it.

Death of SEO Transparency
There’s a problem in the search industry: SEO noise pollution! What was once a tight community of enthusiastic pioneers has fizzled into a sea of mediocrity.

The Inconvenient Truth About Social Media Marketing
Social media is hot. Everyone wants to be on Digg’s home page. Link baiting, especially using things like numbered lists, imperative rules, or controversial hooks is the SEM strategy du jour.

Long Tail Searches Are Becoming More Mainstream
A Search Engine Watch Forums thread reports that Google Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik spoke with webmasters last week and reported that, for the first time, the average number of keywords per query has gone from 3 to 4 words per query.

Feb 15
Newspapers Enter Online Ad Market
A conglomeration of four large American newspaper companies is forming to sell advertising space on the Internet sites of newspapers those companies own. It is estimated that the total advertising audience could reach over 50 million unique visitors each month.

Jessica Bowman – Former Yahoo In-House SEO Evangelist
We hate it when our successful friends get the shorter end of the stick. Yahoo is shedding some serious talent. Among that talent is a good friend of mine and one of the stars in the SEO community.

Feb 17
SEO, Social Marketing & Scientology
It was my first paragraph, about YouTube’s response to the Anonymous-vs-Scientology online battle, that got attention.

The Speed Of The Web: Do We Realize How Far We Have Come
You hear it all the time, “the world moves fast” with high speed connections and wireless access, we have come a long way in a very short time.

Feb 18 Find – Metamend SEO Notes Weird Robots.txt Files
Metamend SEO specialist Colin Cochrane posted an interesting find on his blog Saturday. While collecting materials for work on one of his personal sites, Colin attempted to extract material he had previously bookmarked at

Well-Off Use Google, the Poor Use Yahoo
Hitwise recently released some new data, which suggests that those in different income brackets have a tendency to use one search engine over another.

Yahoo Blocking Bots from Spidering Delicious Bookmarks
Colin Cochrane found this out the other day, saying that ‘This isn’t a simple robots.txt exclusion, but rather a 404 response that is now being served based on the requesting User-Agent.’

Google Establishes Hydro-Power Data Center
Harper’s Magazine discusses the plans for Google to establish a hydro powered data center in The Dalles, Oregon.

All Clicks Aren’t Created Equal: Q&A With Danny Sullivan
Earlier this month, in a blog post reporting our clients’ aggregate ad spend across the major search engines, we noted that Google’s slice of the pay-per-click pie increased across 2007. I wrote:

Feb 19
How to Track the Evolution of Search Engine Algorithms & Why It’s Important to Do So
The vast majority of search marketers operating in the organic space at least lay claim to “following the latest algorithms” at the search engines, and in 90% of the client pitches I’ve ever heard (or made, for that matter), the subject comes up at least once.

Bill Gates – Microsoft Won’t Offer More For Yahoo
Rather than upping their bid to buy Yahoo, as many speculate, Bill Gates said Microsoft’s offer is firm.

Survival of the Small Webmaster in a World of Link Building
If you’ve been following the paid links debate and related linking news, you’re probably wondering what to do next.

Fidel Castro Resigns : Search Engine Coverage of the Historical Event
Fidel Castro today announced that he will not be seeking ‘reelection’ by the Cuban Parliament to renew his position as the leader of Cuba on Sunday after nearly 50 years;

v7n Network For Sale : $500,000
The v7n Network, which consists of v7n Webmaster Forums, the v7n Directory and the Contextual Links link buying service is up for sale on Sitepoint Forums.

Microsoft To Make Its Indexing Algorithm Less “Strict”!
During the closing months of last year, there were complaints from many webmasters not Live search not indexing their sites, and there were others who complained that their sites were unfairly banned…

Feb 20
Content Optimization – Metamend Live on
Tune into Webcology on tomorrow at 2PM (eastern) or 11AM (pacific) to hear three of Metamend’s finest discuss content optimization.

SES Audience: Pro-Merger
The votes in favor of merger ran 7:1 (that’s the ratio – actual vote about 21-3 among the subset who bothered to raise their hands).

Gates On Yahoo Acquisition: It’s The Engineers We Want
CNET reports on Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates’ speech at Stanford University yesterday in which he said that it wasn’t the advertisers, the brand, or the traffic so much as the engineers that Microsoft wanted in the Yahoo acquisition.

Boycott Puts EBay Future at Risk
Now is not the happiest of times for those inside and around eBay. Some of the top sellers on the auction site are boycotting eBay because the company has raised fees for listing goods for sale.

Can A ODP ( Removal Hurt Your Search Engine Rankings?
A WebmasterWorld thread has a Webmaster saying that a site of his recently was removed from the ODP. He said, soon after he noticed his rankings drop in Google.

63% of AdSense Publishers Say Earnings Down in 2008
… on January 31st, I decided to run a new poll asking Google AdSense Earnings Way Down in January 2008?

Microsoft-Yahoo Fight Heats Up

Microsoft’s unsolicited bid to acquire Yahoo is heading down an unpleasant path. This week, Microsoft is reportedly undertaking a proxy fight…

The Decline of Technorati
Technorati at one time was heralded as one of the most popular blog search engines, providing quick updates and an easy method of tracking topic through tagging.

Google Issues Notice of Change in Ad Display URL Policy
The Inside AdWords announced that starting April 1, AdWords will no longer allow redirects and vanity URLs in place of ad landing pages.

Feb 21
Ballmer Gets Bowlegged – Microsoft Adopts Open-Source Stance
Microsoft announced today that it was committed to opening up and sharing far more of its technical secrets with users and the software industry.

Content Optimization – Companion Article for Webcology at
Content is king. More than a truism, the phrase is a mantra. Content is the stuff people are looking for on a website. A commitment to developing and deploying great page, document and site content is a commitment to good SEO.

I Don’t Buy Links
In my eyes, there is no paid links debate – I simply don’t buy links, for our own sites, or those of our clients.

Underdog Grows 20% in January
According to comScore data released today, had the biggest jump in search queries. By that measurement, Ask had more growth than Google, MSN, or Yahoo last month (January 2008) compared to the prior month’s volume.

Yahoo Moves to Protect Staff in Takeover Battle with Microsoft
Microsoft has made their intentions about taking over Yahoo very clear, and are determined to succeed.

Is There Anything Wrong With Reciprocal Linking?
We’ve asked this a lot, but it happens to be a question that concerns a lot of webmasters.

Google’s Efforts To Combat Accidental Clicks Could Harm Its Revenues!
Goliath Google’s latest SEC filing points to a possibility that its future revenues could be hurt while trying to contain “accidental clicks” on Web advertising. The effect could be felt on Google’s near-term advertising revenues.

Session: Beyond Linkbait Getting Authoritative Online Mentions
Link building is crucial, but linkbait tactics that worked this year may not be as effective next year.

Feb 22
The Wiki of Obsolete Skills
It’s just what it sounds like – a wiki devoted to skills that are no longer useful or necessary.

Obama Steps Up Online Advertising on Campaign
Barack Obama set a record in January by raising the highest amount of any candidate in a primary race. Online advertising may have contributed to his astonishing success.

Flickr Adds NoFollow to Photo Description Links
Flickr today took away a major source of link juice for the social media marketers and search engine optimization link builders who were using its description area for link building via installing a NoFollow attribute on outbound links which Flickr members add to their photo descriptions.

Is The Time Ripe For Search Marketing Standards?
Over the past ten to twelve years, various SEM practitioners have brought up the need for industry standards.

Internet Twice as Popular as TV
A new study from IDC indicates that on average people spend 32.7 hours online a week and only 16.4 hours watching television.

IM-NY / BOTW SES Charity Party
As with last year’s SES party – the boys have outdone themselves. IM-NY and Best of the Web Directory will be holding a Charity Party for SES NYC

The Last Days Of SEO
Rather, this is a look at the evolution of SEO to DAO.

History of TLA is History of SEO Industry
Patrick Gavin, co-founder of Text Link Ads, started his personal blog and wrote about the History of Text Link Ads, also known as TLA.

Two Approaches To Determining Intent: The Wisdom Of Crowds And Personal Values – VortexDNA
… disambiguating intent is the holy grail of search. John Battelle called search the “database of intentions.”

Feb 23
Rubel Takes “SEO Shenanigans” to Task
… the attacks on SEO never cease — this one by popular PR guru Steve Rubel, in connection with social media marketing.

Microsoft Memos Employees about Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Plans
If there is one clear indication that Microsoft is seriously bent on taking over Yahoo that has got to be the recent memo issued by Microsoft Platforms & Services Division President Kevin Johnson to his employees.

Feb 24
1:1 Interview With Search Marketing Authority and Visionary Hamlet Batista
It was a balmy 85 degrees (30 C) on this late Friday afternoon as I arrived in the Dominican Republic’s bustling capitol city of Santo Domingo to meet with and interview search marketing entrepreneur, blogger, and industry visionary, Mr. Hamlet Batista.

Feb 25
Is Yahoo the Wrong Target for Microsoft? – MIT Prof Thinks So
Michael A. Cusumano, a professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management was quoted in Sunday’s New York Times over his suggestion that Yahoo is the wrong target for Microsoft.

What should NOIDEX do?
Okay, this post will be colossally boring to some people. But I wanted to give you a peek at debates behind the curtain in Google’s search quality group.

Surprise, Surprise: SEO Works
MarketingSherpa today has the results from an SEO case study—4 tactics that increased traffic 58% (free until Feb 27).

Yahoo, You’re Not Off The Hook Over The Chinese Dissidents Case Says New Lawsuit
Yahoo Sued Again for Assisting the Persecution of Chinese Dissidents from the Epoch Times reports Yahoo is being sued once again for allegedly leaking personal information and aiding the Chinese Communist Party in Internet censorship and the persecution of dissidents.

Matt Cutts Addresses Bad Linking and Google Penalties
Google’s Matt Cutts has responded to a Google Groups discussion on the Google -60 penalty…

Feb 26
Yahoo Changes Minimum Bids to Follow Google’s Method
I just learned that Yahoo Search Marketing is introducing reserve pricing in their keyword auction.

Local Search & Blended Results
Found a hot spot for power and to comfortably blog a session. Plugged in and blogging in live mode.

Net Neutrality Conference for FCC
The FCC continues to investigate the allegedly “anti-Net-Neutral” actions of ISP (and cable co) Comcast.

Yahoo Opens Search With “Search Monkey,” Kind Of Like Google’s Coop
What is it? Basically, it gives publishers a way to tell Yahoo how to enhance their search results for free in Yahoo.

Yahoo’s Yang Finally Breaks Silence on the Microsoft Takeover
It might really be difficult to be at the helm of a giant web company that is being touted for takeover by another giant company.

Feb 27
SEO & User Generated Content
Search engines love good content, but good content can take a lot of time to prepare. So why not turn to your users and visitors?

SEO and Blogging
SEO & Blogging – Blogging can help SEO in a variety of ways. Blog posts are “syndicated,” meaning your content — and your links — spread across the web.

Adsense Announces New Terms & Conditions

Google has updated the terms and conditions of AdSense. The changes were announced on the AdSense blog.

Feb 28
Google Health, a first look
It’s been a busy week for the Google Health team. Last week we announced our partnership and pilot with the Cleveland Clinic.

Yahoo Faces Second Lawsuit from Chinese Dissidents
Yahoo Inc. has been sued by a group of Chinese political activists who claim that the company aided the Chinese government in tracking the online activities of political dissidents.

Generation Google: A Talk With Today’s Teens
Generation Google: A Talk With Today’s Teens – They’ve grown up with search engines as an everyday fact-of-life, rather than some magical new technology that’s revolutionized finding information.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Unite on Cross-Submission of Sitemaps
In trying to help webmaster’s life easier, at least the three top search engines could agree on something.

That’s it for February 2008. The last post covered January 2008. Stick around for the March 2008 post sometime this weekend.

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