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Friday, March 6, 2009
Posted by Rob Rodenhiser @ 7:22 am

It is not a surprise that the brilliant minds secreted away on the Google campus have come up with a dandy of a new tool called Knol. If you’ve been following the recent articles I wrote on digital advertising and article marketing you’ll see that what we have here is an avenue to communicate. 

Knol is a blending of research and how-to articles that meekly brands itself as “a unit of knowledge”, but it can very easily be seen more as a power pack designed to take on Wikipedia. Even in the confines of beta, Knol has outpaced Wikipedia’s early growth milestones. Capitalizing on the explosion of social media sites, Knol is an environment where posted material can easily lead to community discussion, or be reviewed, tagged and graded by professionals and peers alike. And addressing some of Wikipedia’s shortcomings, Knol allows individual authors to collaborate with colleagues and edit the work of others in the pursuit of a more complete subject entry.

The benefits of Knol to any SEO campaign are obvious. Because Knol is a Google entity, it’s PageRank is a respectable 7, and the best part is it encourages links. If you recall your Article Marketing 101, you’ll recognise a great potential for opportunity in that Knol is a world-class collection of white papers and research findings planted by experts from all walks of experience and varying degrees of expertise, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick at the keyboard and offer your body of knowledge.

As the mega-status of Knol continues to grow, its massive web content and reams of pages means it will be a regular feature on Google search results. To date, Knol doesn’t have the draw to displace Wikipedia listings at the top of the search results page but it continues to make gains and getting in now will only add to your site’s movement, especially if you are just beginning to get a pulse.

Another great perk with Knol is that you can embed YouTube videos in you text. It is stunning to consider that 99% of videos returned in Google video results are YouTube based, and if you use YouTube as a tool for product demos or how-to walk-throughs, your videos can add meat to your Knol, but can also help you tap into members of your target demographic who may be looking for video on what you have to offer. If you avoid the tacky hard sell, some of these YouTube visitors may follow you to your site and may become optimally converted.

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