The Bing Bling – Microsoft Kills Live

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Posted by Mark Johnstone @ 10:12 am

Bing Bling Preview Release

Bing Bling Preview Release

Microsoft has released with little fanfare the new Search Engine dubbed “Bing”. This is the replacement to the beleaguered Live platform that has just never caught on with internet users.

We have given Bing and test drive here at Metamend and are pleasantly surprised. The SERPs deliver a nice clean page of results with the option to view further information on the listing with the simple hovering of the mouse (on the right side of each listing). This keeps the listings nice and organized, however we are seeing some problems with this feature always working as it should using the Firefox browser (no surprise) – in Internet Explorer it works like a charm.

We are hoping that the clean results Bing is putting forth is a trend with the new Search Engine incarnations on the horizon – “Keep it clean and give me what I am looking for”. The balance between providing “suggestions” to users and the risk of over delivery to the human eye is a tough one to convey. This has been lost even with the mega Search Engine giant Google with Organic, Local, Video, and Paid listings splattered all over the page. Let’s hope Bing stays on track well beyond the preview (beta) release.

As Bing is still in the preview stages we will be able to comment more on the functionally and validity of the results once the kinks are worked out. Some of the features to take note of are:

  1. The continuous and fast loading images search results page gives you all of the goods on one page
  2. The video search is definitely in a next generation format as the small thumbnails preview on a mouse hover – very attractive and time saving.

Our SEO services team will keep an eagle eye on this new release from the folks at Redmond and will comment in the future.

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