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Monday, February 20, 2012
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What Your Reputation Means

Whether you are a huge corporation, a small business owner or an individual with a promising career, your reputation can make or break you. Today’s technology has created an environment where we are all in the limelight for everyone to see; for good or for bad. As a business person, the quality of your product and dedication to your customers is crucial in building a solid reputation that will be the catalyst for sustaining and growing your company.

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever before. Thanks to the internet, they have an enormous range of options when it comes to researching and purchasing products and services they need. Successful businesses understand the need to protect both their reputation and their brand. When the average consumer is in the market for new kitchen appliances, a quality pair of running shoes or TV, they automatically seek out specific companies because they have proven to be the best and most reliable over time. It is not uncommon to hear of large corporations pulling the endorsement of a famous celebrity from their products due to negative publicity over an unpopular incident or point of view. They will go to any lengths to disassociate themselves from anything that can tarnish their reputation and are ever vigilant about what is being said about them in public and specifically over the internet. They understand how one slanderous comment (whether true or not) can take hold and very quickly become viral. Even a well established and solid reputation can change overnight and have a huge effect on one’s bottom line.

The reality of today’s market place is that business (big or small) cannot compete or survive without an internet presence. At the same time, it is also a fact that this presence also makes one vulnerable to sabotage by unscrupulous business people and vindictive or disgruntled individuals. In business, just as in all facets of life, prevention and a strong offence is certainly the best policy. Putting one’s website out for all to see without a professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign which includes Brand Protection and Reputation Management is akin to going out to sea without a single life jacket. Things might turn out fine but if something should go wrong, you have no way to protect yourself.  It is important to always remember that just as a solid reputation will help you grow your business and increase your customer base a negative reputation is extremely difficult and costly to remedy.

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