Understanding Algorithms

Thursday, March 1, 2012
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Understanding how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works along with what it can and cannot do is important in helping you make the best decision when choosing an SEO service provider. From a consumer’s point of view, a search engine is a tool that allows people to find the information or product they are looking for. They simply enter key words or phrases that relate to what they want and the search engine displays the most pertinent pages for viewing. From the website owner’s perspective, they want their site to come up at the top of page one when anyone is searching for a product, service or information related to their business.

All search engines have their own “scoring system” to determine how relevant each site is and where its place should be in the queue when a search is performed.  This method of analyzing and scoring a website is known as an algorithm and is based on a mathematical formula. Every search is given a score and the higher the score, the higher the page or website will be in the queue. Search engine algorithms are looking for specific factors to determine what a site’s score will be. It is these specific pieces of information that algorithms need to make their calculations which means that knowing what some of these factors are must be considered when web sites are being analyzed. All search engines have their own value systems in determining the relevance of a website or page. Some of the factors that a search engine algorithm looks at include alt tags, meta tags and keyword relevance but the most important one is content.

Unless your SEO service provider performs a detailed analysis of your website for these and other factors a successful optimization plan can not be put in place. Long term monitoring is also a crucial component in any SEO campaign in order to keep up with market trends and changes in the keywords and phrases that people use in searches. It is also important to understand when content needs to be tweaked in order to stay abreast of shifts in peoples’ search habits. SEO is a complex undertaking that is best left to the professionals who understand its complexities and who can deliver measurable results in a field that is ever changing.

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