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Wednesday, April 18, 2012
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Free Powerful SEO Tools

In the last couple of blogs we spoke about some powerful, free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that Metamend offers to help you maximize your ROI (Return on Investment) in regards to your online marketing campaign. Previously, we covered the Enquisite Search Metrics and the Keyword Density Analyzer Tools. Two additional, free SEO tools are the HTTP Head Request Viewer and the SEO ROI Calculator.

The HTTP Head Request Viewer has two main functions. The first is to show the response information that is sent to search engines or web browsers before actually displaying the page. Its second function is to test for the successful implementation of “301 Moved Permanently” Redirects. It is important to understand precisely which HTTP Headers are seen by search engine spiders; this is vital information for any SEO campaign. Metamend’s HTTP Header Request Viewer will show you exactly how search engine spiders react to a site’s HTTP Headers. This free SEO Tools will help you more accurately optimize each page of your website. You can give this free tool a try by simply entering a URL in the query box which will prompt Metamend’s search engine spider to analyze the HTTP Headers of that page. Performing this simple procedure will allow you to see what HTTP Headers the search engines are extracting from that page.

The SEO Calculator is able to measure the ROI of organic web traffic that is generated from an SEO campaign. Metamend’s SEO ROI Calculator can be used for either B2B (Business-to-Business) or B2C (Business-to-Consumer) websites. Everyone wants to achieve the best possible ROI for their online marketing campaign but knowing what method will best help you achieve your goals can be a difficult task. The most effective ROI strategies continue to be ones that follow a robust SEO plan along with some basic guidelines such as: organic optimization, adding relevant links, measuring web traffic, etc.

Trying Metamend’s free SEO tools can help get you on the path to increasing your visibility and meeting all your long and short term marketing goals without spending anymore money. You certainly have nothing to lose and may have much to gain.

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