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Thursday, May 24, 2012
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The goal of a search engine is to create a “search” that understands exactly what a person is looking for and deliver only information that is relevant to what you want. With so many possible variables for almost any keyword a person enters, this goal has been one of the most challenging. Google recently announced their Knowledge Graph which should prove to be the best answer to date in delivering the most relevant search results.

Up to now, the problem with search results has been with understanding what a person means when they type in a word such as say, “violet”. Does the person want to know about the origin of the girl’s name, the flower, the color or about ultra violet rays? The human brain understands the meanings associated with the word violet but a computer recognizes them as nothing more than a set of random characters. Knowledge Graph is designed to categorize all the different meanings that are relevant to the key word or phrase one enters allowing you to choose from the category that fits your specific search. Using this method, the search for “violet” will show you boxes that are categorized according to all possible meanings of the word. So a search for “violet” will allow you to pick the box or category that is relevant to your search. In other words, if you were interested in finding out about ultra violet rays you would not have to wade through results for the color violet or the flower; instead you will be able to immediately choose the box that shows results for ultra violet rays.

Not only does Knowledge Graph make search engines “smarter”, it makes life easier for the person conducting a search. It has not always been easy for humans to figure out which specific keywords and/or phrases a search engine needs to deliver the exact results you are looking for. For example, to a search engine, the words “Blue Lagoon” are simply that, two words. However, for the human brain, Blue Lagoon can evoke a beautiful and peaceful spa in Iceland, a delicious cocktail to be enjoyed on a beach somewhere, a diver’s paradise in India, a movie and so on. For us, Blue Lagoon is not simply two random words strung together but to a computer, that is exactly what they have been, up until now.

Knowledge Graph will now be able to improve a Google search in three key areas to include:

  • Being able to choose the specific category relevant to your search
  • Show a summary of relevant facts related to your search
  • Giving you the opportunity to learn new and interesting facts that you may not have thought about before

This is but the first step in creating a new breed of the Google Search Engine that will not only produce smarter search results but will hopefully encourage all of us to explore new information and ideas.

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