Penguin and White Hat Go Well Together

Monday, May 28, 2012
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We have covered such a wide range of topics, all of which should be of interest and concern to any business that has a website. Regardless of the specific area that was being discussed, there has always been one important and reoccurring theme: There is no substitute for experienced professionals when it comes to a successful online marketing campaign, Brand Protection or Reputation Management plan. Nothing has driven this point home better than Google’s recent Penguin update.

Most updates and changes in algorithm have been an attempt to provide users with a positive experience each time they conduct a search. Most would agree that a positive experience translates into every search resulting in being directed to sites that are directly related to a search. Past blogs have covered key topics that have been affected by Penguin such as Cloaking, Links, Hidden Texts and Links and Keyword Stuffing. All of these tactics are viewed as an attempt to spam the search engines; something that Google takes very seriously and is making every effort to combat. Another area that the Penguin update is attempting to do away with is improper use of duplicate content and creation of multiple pages and sub-domains.

The issue of duplicate content can be a tricky one as many inexperienced operators and website owners are not attempting to manipulate search engines. They are simply trying to get as much quality content and information about their business, products and services out to the public as possible. Unfortunately, there are those operators that purposely duplicate content across multiple domains for the purpose of manipulating search engines in order to increase traffic and their rankings. In order to minimize poor user experience which is a result of such spamming attempts, Google is constantly reviewing their quality guidelines.

If you want to make certain that your website conforms to all the latest updates and guidelines, it is important to employ professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service providers who have dedicated personnel monitoring all changes that can affect the results of your online marketing campaign. SEO service providers such as Metamend employ only White Hat SEO methods and are able to wade through complex quality guidelines as well as any other algorithm changes that might affect the success of your online marketing campaign. In short, updates such as Penguin (or any other update) and White Hat techniques will never go out of style.

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