Combating Negative SEO Tactics

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
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We’ve talked a little about the recent Penguin update in regards to algorithms, White Hat SEO and how Google is attempting to improve the “user search experience” by making it more difficult for spammers to fool search engines. There is another area worth mentioning around the Penguin algorithm update and Google’s Webmaster Tools which work together to combat negative SEO tactics. These are often referred to as negative SEO attacks and understanding how they take place certainly strengthens the case for a strong, professional online marketing campaign that can help protect your website from such attacks.

The typical way these negative SEO tactics operate is by certain sites purchasing links that they then point to another site that is in direct competition with them. This is done in hopes of lowering the rankings of legitimate sites thereby increasing their own rankings. Direct hacking of websites is another tactic used and when successful can cause considerable damage to a legitimate site. This type of malicious, external linking may appear to be an issue that is totally out of a website owner’s control. Although some attacks and negative linking will almost certainly be targeted against legitimate sites, there are steps that one can take to protect a website from such malicious competitors.

It’s important to keep in mind that legitimate sites will not risk their reputation by engaging in negative SEO tactics and websites that have a strong domain authority do have a certain level of protection against such attacks. It’s also good to know that Google does review sites that are more vulnerable and at a higher risk for attacks. There are specific key SEO factors such as backlinks and reviews that are more susceptible to negative SEO attacks, which make it absolutely essential for these areas to be monitored by professionals who know what to look for.

Remember that there is no substitute for employing professionals to handle you online marketing campaign. They are the ones that understand how your site might be vulnerable, provide preventative monitoring techniques, as well as the right Brand Protection and Reputation Management plan that best suits your company’s needs.

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