More Facts about URL’s in SEO Campaigns

Wednesday, July 4, 2012
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In the last blog we spoke about the importance of taking the time to ensure that your website’s URL is structured properly before it is launched. In order to achieve the strongest impact, it must contain (among other factors), the right classification and hierarchal structure. It is always best to review URL issues as the site is being built however, sites that have already been launched can still be improved upon and benefit from addressing the issues we mentioned previously as well as:

  • Avoid Duplication Issues – Constructing a URL that is virtually identical in content but of a shortened (abbreviated) form will almost always end up in duplication issues
  • Hazards of Subdomains – Subdomains are generally not necessary and often tend to be quite lengthy and complex in nature. This is not the best way to maintain trust and link values as they are often viewed separately from the primary domain
  • Keywords can Level Competitive Playing Field – Most websites are in the position of having to compete for many of the same keywords and a site can end up getting lost in this sea of competition. It is therefore imperative that your URL structure utilizes strong and relevant keywords within a CMS (Content Management System)
  • Consistency Matters – Whatever guidelines are being followed with regards to your URL structure, make sure you stay consistent. This will greatly benefit both users and website developers that may work with you in the future
  • Separation Issues – It is a common belief among SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts that the use of hyphens is preferable to the use of underscores when it comes to search engines. When formatting a phrase containing several words, a hyphen should be used first then underscores followed by plus signs and finally nothing.  The order should be consistent and use the following order: – (hyphen) _ (underscore) + (plus)

Making sure that the issues listed above, along with those discussed in our previous blog regarding the importance of URL’s are being addressed is a vital part of any organic SEO campaign. Although many elements of an SEO campaign are often dealt with separately from other factors within the same campaign, each one must be given due diligence since, in the end, they all contribute the success of the end product.

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