Why So Much Emphasis On Content?

Monday, July 16, 2012
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A successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign involves a collaboration of many different factors, each of which are critical in reaching a positive outcome. Some aspects of a campaign are relatively straight forward while others are quite complex in nature. With so many issues that need to be addressed, it may seem that an inordinate amount of space is taken up talking about content. There is a reason for that; just as in the world of real estate one constantly hears the term, “Location, Location, Location”, online marketing campaigns rely heavily on “Content, Content, Content.”

The recent Google updates have put a renewed emphasis on content and more specifically on quality content. Of course making Google and all search engines happy is important but there is another reason that quality content should be taken seriously right from the start of any campaign; and that is to attract both existing and potential customers and anyone else that lands on your website. Improving search engine results is important but so to is, creating a community of loyal business partners, visitors and repeat customers.

A website acts as, and can be compared to, a company’s traveling salesperson. You certainly wouldn’t want your sales staff walking into a potential client’s office without the right tools to sell your product. He or she is the first contact for your company and must be prepared to answer any questions a client may have, they must also be friendly, personable and dressed presentably. The same attributes are also vital in making a first impression with your company’s website. Potential clients must be made to feel confident in dealing with your company and get all the information they need to buy your product and go on to continue doing business with you in the future.

So, the layout and content of your website must grab the searcher’s attention by using the right keywords and phrases. It has to very quickly show them that this is the site that will give them the information they are looking for and answer all of their questions and concerns. Putting the right quality content together will do two things right away. First it will enable search engines to direct the most relevant users to your site; ones that are serious about the product or information you are providing. The second thing that quality content will achieve is to keep users on your site and have them want to continue reading because the information you are providing or the product you are selling is exactly what they are looking for.

Although there are many factors that must all work together in order for your company to benefit from an SEO campaign, starting the process with quality content that is reviewed and revised regularly is an important first step in increasing traffic. Always remember that quality content equals quality traffic.

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