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Friday, August 31, 2012
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While the right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign is an integral part of any successful business in today’s market place, your website should be doing more than just promoting your products/services. The technical aspects of an SEO plan are highly complex and are always best left to the professionals however, there is much that owners can do in regards to ongoing content to increase the visibility of a business. This is especially true when one conducts business both online and via a store front operation. Communities that thrive tend to do so by attracting both locals and visitors with special events and typically have strong volunteer participation in fund raising and charity events. A page on a business website that promotes, sponsors and lists such events can significantly increase the visibility of your company.

If for example you run a local sporting goods store, there are countless events all year long that would be of interest to anyone who is in the market for sportswear or sporting equipment. By adding a page about community events that have relevance to the products you sell, you will be attracting both locals and visitors who are interested in either attending these events or visiting your city. It is important that this page is updated regularly and kept current at all times. Specials you might be offering during event times or dates that are no longer valid will cause potential customers to question your reliability and dedication and will, in most cases, simply move on to another site. Having staff participate in local charity events and/or offering prizes or discounts during an event is another way to show customers that you are committed to the growth and well being of the community you live and do business in.

Searchers that land on your site, whether they live in your community or not, have to make a decision about your trustworthiness based on the information you have provided. A business that has information on a variety of topics related to the products/services they offer and one that supports and gives back to their community provides am strong positive image and credibility of character. Being able to recognize the impact of including an updated community content page on your website is simply “smart business” and will go a long way to increasing your market share.

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