Press Releases? My Company is Just Not Big Enough

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Posted by Administrator @ 9:15 am

Unless you are a fairly large corporation, you probably don’t have a dedicated marketing department. It’s also quite likely that you haven’t considered putting out a Press Release (PR) to let the world know of your accomplishments or some exciting new development that your business might be involved in. Although you definitely understand that marketing is an important element in the success of your business, what many owners don’t realize is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to put out a PR statement that, if done properly, can be a great and cost effective medium for marketing.

In many cases, the amount of money you spend on a press release can determine just how well your release will penetrate media’s digital world.  With this in mind, it is important to remember that simply throwing more money at getting you PR statement out there will not ensure that other media services will pick up on it or in fact that enough people will read it.

The easy part is getting your PR out there; the challenge is making sure it is picked up by other websites and various online services such as industry relevant blogs and journals. The next goal is to have your release read by as many people as possible and of course to have as many links as possible to your website. In order to make sure all these things happen, you will need to optimize your press release. Optimizing your PR may seem a little on the ridiculous side but it’s no different than making sure your website is optimized.

The outcome you are striving for in PR optimization is the same as those in website optimization. You want as many search engines as possible and as many of your target market as possible to see your press release and then of course have them land on your site. Both the content and the headline of your PR are extremely important for the release to be successful. Many of the same strategies that were used in finding the right keywords and phrases for your website will apply to any press release.

Although you may have to spend a little money on getting your PR out to widest the possible audience, money alone won’t result in its success. Once again high quality content in both the body of the release and the headline are the best way to utilize press releases as a valid marketing tool.

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