Monitoring Compliance, Reputation and Brand Protection

Monday, November 19, 2012
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With a growing number of companies conducting a significant portion of their business transactions and client correspondence online, compliance issues and regulations are becoming increasingly complex with changes being implemented on a fairly regular basis. Not only is it crucial that a company’s in-house compliance policies are being monitored for any possible breaches but one must also ensure that infractions are not being made by resellers or independent representatives.

A large part of one’s success is directly linked to the reputation that has been built, over the years, through offering quality products or services that clients have come to depend on. Another factor that is crucial in building client trust is in a business’s ability to safeguard personal and sensitive information. In order to achieve these goals, companies must ensure that their own compliance regulations as well as those imposed by government agencies are being adhered to by all employees, which requires vigilant monitoring of all online business transactions. In addition to the above regulatory compliance issues, companies must monitor those events that have the potential to negatively impact a company’s online brand and reputation by re-sellers of your products and/or services including any unauthorized activities by unscrupulous online vendors. Some of the processes that need to be put in place to ensure the continued integrity of a company’s reputation include:

  • Automated incident alerts
  • Identifying activity that may impact reputation
  • Unauthorized activity detection
  • Monitoring of re-sellers, subcontractors, etc.

Along with these safeguards, it is important to have in place, industry experts that understand your specific online market who are able to detect and report known as well as suspected incidents affecting your business. The best compliance solutions will include Online Brand Protection as well as Professional Reputation Management Solutions that are tailored to your specific industry. It can take years to build a solid reputation and a recognized and trusted company brand but serious damage resulting in lost sales can occur virtually overnight. While most of these occurrences can be remedied, they are costly and in many cases can take a considerable amount of time to repair. The best way to protect your business and its reputation is by adopting a proactive solution when it comes to Compliance Regulations, Brand Protection and Reputation Management.

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