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Friday, November 23, 2012
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In order for PPC (pay per click) to be successful, it must be a win/win scenario for both the owner as well as for Google. If your ad does not prove relevant and therefore does not produce a positive CTR (click through rate) no one benefits.

In order for search results of an ad to achieve a, “quality score” it is calculated by measuring it against several factors. A few of the basic questions that must be answered when calculating a score include:

  • What is the ad’s expected CTR?
  • Is the Landing Page experience a positive one?
  • How relevant is the ad overall?

When it comes to estimating the CTR, a prediction is made as to the likelihood that the ad will get clicked on in relation to a specific keyword. This rating can go from above average to below average and depends on comparisons made on the history of that keyword in relation to other related keywords.

Landing Page experience simply assesses the experience of users when they get to the page that your ad directed them to. There are several factors that will determine the final score but once again the rating will range from above average to below average. One of the things that are taken into consideration with regards to Landing Page experience is how user friendly it is and whether it answers all the questions that the user has.

In determining whether the ad holds relevance, once again, there are a few factors that are taken into consideration. In order to receive a high or above average score here, the keyword must match the content within your ad exactly. Keyword relevance is the crucial determining issue, so quality content and keywords are essential.

In all of the three categories above, having powerful, quality and relevant keywords will be the formula for success and in getting an average or above average score. Taking the time to research the best keywords is certainly worth the effort. Having a PPC campaign is of little value if few people are going to see it. With the right PPC campaign, everyone benefits; you (the advertiser), the customer and of course Google. The other thing to keep in mind when setting up a PPC strategy is that simply getting clicks is not enough; the right percentage of clicks have to be converted into actual sales.

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