Has SEO reached Its Shelf-Life?

Thursday, December 13, 2012
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The reality is that things in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have gone through some pretty significant changes. Does this mean that the benefits of SEO have reached their shelf-life? The answer is – far from it! Yes, there are reports of decreases in even organic traffic but it’s important to understand why these decreases are occurring.

If you have been using an established and professional SEO service provider, you most likely will not have had an issue in traffic. If, on the other hand, your SEO campaign has been relying on shortcuts and other SEO “tricks” to increase traffic, you may be in trouble. Those “tricks” like, keyword stuffing, poor and/or duplicate content, unprofessional site presentation, etc, which have been working for you in the past are the very things that are now holding you back.

One of the more common problems that websites have encountered is a result of duplicate content. Although sometimes deliberately done to increase traffic, this can also be due to technical issues which experienced SEO providers can resolve quite easily. Other areas that professional SEO providers regularly monitor and address as needed are issues relating to linking and usability. While these can now result in a decrease in traffic, they can be quickly remedied.

In the past, we have given quite a bit of space to the topic of quality content as well as to the importance of keywords/phrases. Understanding what content entails in today’s SEO forum is crucial. Having professional writers is of utmost importance but should not be limited to great content on your website. It must include all facets of social media including regular blogs about the products/services you provide. Reaching your target market in a variety of forums can be a challenge in that you need to know exactly which social media services potential customers are frequenting.

The use of keywords/phrases has also seen some changes. Rather than zoning in on just one or two keywords/phrases and relentlessly repeating them, you will now need to include a larger variety of relevant words in order to attract search engines, always keeping in mind that the quality of the content must be of a high standard.

If you have been experiencing significant decreases in traffic, chances are that you or your service provider are not keeping up with the latest search engine guidelines that are in keeping with organic SEO or best practices. The bottom line is that the changes that Google has and continues to implement are geared towards making websites more trustworthy. Adapting to and complying with these changes as they are implemented will end up in a win/win scenario for both users searching the internet and companies trying to reach their target market.

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