How Deep Is The Internet?

Friday, December 28, 2012
Posted by Administrator @ 9:17 am

So, you have a website and it looks very professional; all the information and/or products that you deal with have been incorporated by a designer and everything looks great. Now you just need sit back and wait for people to go to your site. So how come you aren’t getting as many hits as you thought you would be getting? The reason is pretty simple but the solution is much more complicated. Before anyone can see your site, search engines have to see it and that part isn’t so simple.

The Internet can be a deep cavernous cave and search engines can only go in so far. A couple of the reasons that search engines don’t see most sites is because they are ether housed within sites that have been dynamically generated or they are not connected to any other site. If search engines can’t find your site, it doesn’t matter how great it looks or how much you spent having it developed. It’s easy for websites to be “disconnected” and there are several reasons why this happens.

  • Although new content or pages are being added regularly, they may not have been submitted or resubmitted.
  • Many sites may have been optimized when they were initially launched; however, no one is monitoring or re-optimizing it.
  • The website owner has never thought to ask other sites to link to it.
  • Although you may have links from other sites or pages, they may not be linked to websites that the search engines can see or utilize.

Whatever the reasons, your website ends up in the deep web where search engines can’t go. Making sure your website is seen by all the major search engines is part of the process in a professional (SEO) Search Engine Optimization plan which by the way, is never a one time proposition. It must be an ongoing process in order to keep up with changing algorithms and other factors that are constantly in a state of flux.

The biggest complaint that users have is not being able to find the information they are looking for and that’s where search engine optimization comes in. In order to be seen and stay seen, websites must be monitored on a regular basis. This is a highly complicated process that requires professionals who understand how quickly things change in the world of search engines and the Internet.

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