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Thursday, January 3, 2013
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We spoke, in a previous blog, about some common errors that are made when websites are designed if the designer fails to address the factors that make a site, “website friendly”.  We emphasized that websites must be monitored regularly and changes implemented as needed as well as addressing issues relating to broken links, HTML source codes, length of page titles, and the use of keywords and phrases in page titles.

The use of “mouse-overs” is another common issue that arises. While they can certainly add to the style of a website, caution must be used as they can just as easily be a source of frustration for users if not designed properly. Cryptic images that have to be decoded by visitors is a major deterrent and you certainly want potential customers to have a pleasant experience each time they visit your site. If unsure, keeping it simple is the best way to ensure that users will be able find all that they are looking for.

Using “alt-text” is another question that comes up regularly for those not familiar with SEO protocols when designing websites. “Alt-text” is simply a method used to describe an image and was originally put in place to help those with slow Internet connections or with text-only browsers. The “alt-text” is shown as a tool tip then you point the mouse over an image if you happen to be viewing a page through a graphical web browser. The use of “alt-text” does help search engines read/see an image and when short and relevant “alt-text” descriptions are used, they will definitely improve a website’s visibility with search engines.

The key to making sure your website is and continues to be website friendly is by first making sure it has been designed with SEO in mind and that it is monitored on a regular basis. As we have emphasized in the past, optimizing a website is important but it must be an ongoing process as changes are constantly occurring in the world of search engines. Keeping your website current will ensure that your site continues to be found easily and quickly and that each time a visitor lands on your site, they have a pleasant experience and find exactly what they are looking for.

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