Are You Paying Attention to the Little Pieces of the Big Marketing Picture?

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Posted by Administrator @ 9:19 am

These days, online marketing is more than just having a great website with great headers, the right keywords and original, quality content. It does mean having a strong internet presence which, with today’s technology, is so much more than just a website. Today’s consumer is highly computer savvy and the younger generation even more so.  They want to be able to access information quickly and easily and if what they are looking for isn’t almost instantly in front of them, they will simply look for it elsewhere. Because of the fast pace of everything today, it’s important that you are visible and highly accessible in all the popular social media sites aside from your main website.

The other thing that today’s smart consumer wants is to feel engaged, to feel like they are a part of something and that their voice matters. Companies that have been able to adapt to this rapid pace and the speed with which things are changing have understood the importance of being in many places at once. Now this is not to say that having a Facebook page (or other social media site) is going to result in your sales soaring through the roof. But it does mean that wherever people look, they will see your “face”, which of course is your company’s brand. It will also tell you what they are saying about your product/service or your company as a whole.

Having people “like” you, ask questions and exchange comments about your product or service can provide useful information about numbers and consumer mood. They can tell you how many people are talking and sharing information about your business and this is valuable information that can play a role in your current and future online marketing plans. While Facebook may be the leader of the pack, other sites like Twitter and Pinterest also have a place in making sure your name is out there and your product is front and centre for the greatest number of people possible. By monitoring these social media sites, businesses have a unique opportunity to respond to favourable comments and more importantly to set negative impressions right. This can also play an important role in Brand Protection and Reputation Management services.

Marketing has become a sophisticated and highly complex business which requires today’s companies to look at the big picture while paying attention to every detail that can affect their bottom line.

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