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Tuesday, February 19, 2013
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Every business has unique characteristics depending on their size and the products or services they are selling. They do, however, all have one thing in common – the need for a well thought out marketing plan. In today’s tech savvy world marketing has to include marketing not just your company but also your website. Obviously, large corporations will have more money to spend on a website than a medium sized, local business. Regardless of how much a website cost to build; unless the site itself is being marketed properly, no one (or at least, not enough) people will see it. No matter how grandiose or simple a website is, there are basic elements that need to be addressed if you want the world to see it.

Aside from aesthetically pleasing, content is by far the most important component of any website. Content does however have two separate components; one that must appeal to visitors and one that catches the attention of search engines. If the search engines don’t recognize you site easily; neither will potential customers. So when it comes to content remember:

  • It must be unique with original content
  • It must be updated regularly
  • It must be search engine friendly
  • It must be relevant and informative

Honesty is the Best Policy

Trying to “trick” search engines may work to your advantage for a while but in the end – you will lose, and climbing back up that search engine ladder is not easy once you’ve been “branded”. Remember that search engines are constantly working at filling in the gaps that “cheaters” use and sooner or later, you’ll be ousted.

Another important area that all websites should adhere to is accessibility. You want to be seen by as many people as possible but are there whole groups of potential customers that can’t access your site due to a disability? There are actually a specific set of guidelines that will help make your website easily accessible to those with certain disabilities and as many search engines as possible.

There are other tips that we will cover in a future blog but content, honesty, and accessibility are certainly three extremely important components in successfully marketing your website.

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