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Monday, February 25, 2013
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We spoke in a previous blog about the importance of marketing, not just your company, but your actual website. We covered crucial elements like original/relevant content and staying honest so search engines don’t drop your site. Today’s blog will go over a few more components of your site that deserve special mention.

Links – In and Out

Setting up links to or from your website is a good practice but only if those links are relevant to your site or provides pertinent information to potential or existing customers. Coming up with a bunch of unrelated links with the hopes of increasing your ranking will do more harm than good and is exactly the kind of thing we talked about in Honesty is the Best Policy. Search engines are paying close attention to (and dropping) sites that simply stick in a page full of links. A better policy is to put some thought into what links to and from your own site are relevant and strategically place them into places where they actually make sense within your content.

How’s Your Code?

For optimal performance and interaction with search engines, it is important that your website meet standard compliant code which is free of errors. Not only is it more visible across a wide range of computer types and browsers, it is also much easier for search engines to assimilate – and making things easier for search engines is certainly the name of the game!

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Not all businesses sell products that would benefit from a graphic or image; as can be the case for some companies that are selling certain services or providing information. But when photographs and/or images are relevant and would enhance your product; professional photography is essential. Since you are more than likely not the only business selling a particular product, you want the person who is deciding whom they want to do business with to be yours. It’s pretty safe to say that the website with the best looking pictures will win out. First impressions are long lasting so it’s important to make sure that a potential customer’s first impression is what you want it to be.

There are a few more things that deserve attention when building and marketing a website such as URL’s, wide-range accessibility and structure which we will talk about in an upcoming blog.

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