An Important Play on Words

Thursday, March 21, 2013
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While business has always kept their bottom line in mind, budget constraints have given the term ROI (Return on Investment) a whole new meaning when it comes to assessing expenditures. Even today when having a strong internet presence is crucial in expanding one’s market share, costs of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns are being more closely monitored for their value.

An important phrase that is strongly being emphasized by SEO providers such as Metamend in relation to ROI is WordPlay. There are many complex factors that go into a successful SEO plan but trade professionals understand the importance of paying close attention to WordPlay when it comes to enhancing a company’s online presence. It simple terms, this means that greater focus must be put on the selection of which specific words/phrases will produce the best possible ROI along with strong branding opportunities. Of course this word/phrase selection must also meet the requirements of search engines since they are the ones that will determine how easily and quickly users will find your website.

An important element in WordPlay strategy is that of relevance. This is an area that we have mentioned often but is definitely worth repeating. As we have said in the past, doubling or even tripling the number of people that land on your site is of no benefit if a high percentage of them are not staying to shop. This is not a good scenario for anyone’s ROI.

There are several things that are taken into account when researching the keyword list that best represents the people who are searching for the products or services that a particular business offers. Frequency of use as well as seasonal trends must be considered. Demographics on a regional, national and international scale must also be considered. Take for instance a company that specializes in automotive detailing and unique auto accessories on an international scale. There are probably hundreds of pertinent words and phrases that potential customers will key in to find what they are looking for. If, in this case, you were to leave out the word ‘boot’, you would be excluding an entire market of customers in the U.K. where ‘boot’ means the ‘trunk’ of the car.

So, if you are really serious about getting the best ROI possible while at the same time sprucing up your website presence, make sure that WordPlay is part of your vocabulary.

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