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Monday, March 25, 2013
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While there are many complex factors that go into making sure the right people land on your website, there are three key elements that will help ensure search engines will actually get the right people to you. Websites that have been designed by industry professionals will typically focus each page according to specific elements, products or services pertaining to your business. These are generally known as landing pages because depending on the words or phrases someone enters when searching for something, search engines will direct them to that specific page.

As a business, you want people to be directed to the page of your website that is directly related to the words or phrases they used in their search. For example, if your company sells kitchen appliances and also does repairs, you will most likely have a separate page for small appliances, large appliances and one for repair services. If someone who is looking to have their dishwasher repaired lands on the page of your website that deals with selling toaster ovens, chances are they will simply go to another site. This is where experienced copywriting plays a crucial role. Each page of your website must contain the right keywords and phrases that will direct users to the information they are looking for on their first attempt.

In the case of websites, first impressions really do count. If searchers land on a page that looks unprofessional, it sends the message that the quality and services of your company may also be the same. The actual design and aesthetics of your website must therefore be of the highest visual quality. The goal of having a professionally designed website is to instantly instill a feeling of confidence about who you are along with the products and/or services that you offer.

Once your website and landing page have been completed, the next step is to make sure that each page of your site is optimized for search engine positioning. Most people that are searching for something specific will not go past the first page of results. This fact makes it crucial that your website is well positioned for optimal and relevant traffic.  Putting together these three key factors is essential in attaining the best possible ROI (Return on Investment).

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