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Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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We’ve spoken about the importance of a strong and professional presence in the world of e-commerce as a crucial plan to growing your business even if you are already doing well in a brick and mortar storefront operation. Successful business owners are also aware of the importance of establishing a reliable and recognizable brand for their products/services. With the proliferation of e-commerce sites on the internet, developing and protecting one’s brand is even more crucial.

Your website is a potential customer’s first impression of who you are, whether or not your product/service is what they are looking for and ultimately if they are confident enough in your name (brand) to make a purchase before they leave your site. Your brand is also what sets you apart from the competition. Keep in mind that the stronger your presence is and the more confidence that consumers have in your brand, the more others will try to cash in on your hard work by using likenesses of your brand for their personal gains. Brand protection then becomes even more important than ever, since it is your hard earned reputation that is on the line.

While there will always be those who will end up being a one-time shopper, the goal of your website should be to create long-term relationships with first-time buyers. The best way to do this with online clients is to ensure that your website has been designed with their needs in mind. If a potential customer ends up having to search for a product/service and the payment process is cumbersome, or if they are frustrated in any way while navigating your site, they will usually just go elsewhere.

The key to making sure a person who has landed on your site, stays and makes a purchase is to make your site as user-friendly and simple as possible. If an existing or potential customer has a question or concern about your product, will they be able to quickly and easily contact a representative? Will that contact person be able to answer all their questions and will they be professional and courteous? Have you taken the time to make a presence on the social media sites to enhance your visibility?

Answering and addressing these and other questions about your e-commerce site are crucial if you want to grow your business, expand your market share, increase your customer base and of course your bottom line.

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