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Conversion Optimization

Definition: What is it?

Website conversion optimization takes over where search engine optimization leaves off. Your website is like a store, regardless of whether you are selling products or services. Attracting the right visitors to your store and converting them to valued customers go hand in hand as online marketing essentials.

Metamend Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization encompasses many potential components. These range from multivariate testing to conversion rates. At Metamend, we start the optimization process with your business goals, the potential return on investment (ROI), and development of a suitable budget in mind. Hard goals like a 10 to 1 return on Conversion Optimization spends or soft goals like 10x response rates. These goals quantify the value of Conversion Optimization for your business.

Website Conversion Rate Guide

Conversion Rates for Paid/Natural Search

Source: Marketing Sherpa, Search Marketing Benchmark Survey, July 2007. Methodology: This fourth annual survey was opened to selected Marketing Sherpa reader lists on July 27, 2007, and closed on July 12, 2007. 3,186 responses were collected from search marketers (2,475) and employees at search marketing agencies (711). Follow-up interviews were conducted by telephone with selected respondents. Marketing Sherpa © 2007.

Measuring and Managing Conversion Optimization

Once goals are set, the work of collecting and processing data beings. Tools used are Google Analytics, Enquisite, Omniture or Index Tools. These tools allow visibility into which web traffic finds you (demographics) and what they do on your site (behaviour).

Tools provide the scientific data to plan website edits which make sense for your business goals. Once the changes are made, we test for results in a continual process which yields results.

Reporting and Key Performance Indicators

Metamend's delivery starts with a Conversion Site AUDIT to assess current demographics and behavior patterns of your web traffic. The AUDIT takes 30 days to prepare and requires access to web metric tools, such as the ones named above. The AUDIT will develop a website conversion strategy aimed at reaching your goals for return on investment.

After the Conversion Site AUDIT, Metamend engages in Conversion Implementation. Conversion Implementation makes the necessary staged website changes, monitors the effects of those changes, and provides a monthly scheduled Client Progress Report against the predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs represent the measurement of success. Results can be immediate, but often result in a trend that is fostered over time.

Website Conversion Assessment

Not sure if you know what your current website conversion rates are, OR if you need conversion optimization? Contact us today for a free analysis or try our free Conversion Optimization ROI calculator today.

Conversion Optimization ROI Conversion Optimization ROI Calculator