DMOZ Directory Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The Open Directory Project or DMOZ is a human edited directory. This means a living breathing person reviews each web site submitted. Once added though, the editors have no control over rankings. The editors will only let you know if your site is in or not. How your web site performs is based upon their own proprietary algorithms, and dependent on the quality of your overall search engine optimization. Getting your site listed in the Open Directory is crucial, because it supplies all of its data, free of charge, to any search engine or directory that asks for the database. Thus, the directory's database contributes heavily, and outright powers many of the major search engines on the web.

Before submitting your website to this directory, you must find the proper category where you want your web site to be listed within the directory. Be aware that your site can only be submitted to one category in the Open Directory. For example, this website is found in Computers: Internet: Web Design and Development: Promotion: Search Engine Optimization Firms.

DMOZ Directory Submission Times
Because this is a volunteer operated directory, the editing and inclusion process can be slow - it can take up to 8 weeks for a website to get listed in the The Open Directory. Websites do occasionally get rejected by the category editor without explanation, but the most common cause for rejection is submission to the wrong category. The editor may feel that you have submitted your web site to the wrong category. If this happens, and you truly believe you have submitted your website to the most appropriate category, - make sure there are not any more specific subcategories - add more content. Add new and unique content to the topic. Make your web site more relevant to the category you are shooting for. Adding content will also help with your search results in many other engines, so it's always a good idea.

The following search engines or directories provide content to The Open Directory:
  • None
The following search engines receive content from The Open DirectoryThe complete list of sites using DMOZ Data is available here.

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