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At Metamend, we understand the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology is a new territory for many. We hope these FAQ pages become a valuable source of information for you. If there are any questions not answered directly by this FAQ, please contact us via our Feedback Form.

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Analyzing Your Monthly Stats:

Analyzing Your Monthly Stats: What is the "stickiness" measurement? top
One of the measurements used to determine how successful your site is at attracting a target audience is called "stickiness." To verify stickiness, access the Metamend Member Login (see FAQ Account Administration) and view your statistics report. Divide the total number of page views by the total number of unique visitors the higher the number, the better. If your website has only three or four pages to it, you should have a ratio of at least two. Most e-commerce websites have hundreds of pages to them every item is a page view. If you have an inventory of 100 items, you should expect to have a ratio of eight page views per visitor or more. Some extensive or content rich sites have 20+ page views per unique visitor. With Metamend, you will see this relationship grow month after month, for as long as you keep your website current and up to date.

What does "Successful Server Requests" mean? top
"Successful Server Requests" refers to the amount of overall "hits" your site receives in a given time period. If the page your visitor is looking at has five graphics, your statistics will show six hits (the five graphics + the HTML coding). If your page has 35 graphics, you receive 36 hits, etc. So, you can see how quickly "hits" add up if someone is surfing through your website!

What does "Successful Requests for Pages" mean? top
"Successful Requests for Pages" or "Page Impressions" is a slightly more accurate way of determining site traffic because it only counts full page views. If a visitor surfs through 10 pages on your site, you receive 10 successful requests for pages.

What does "Distinct Hosts Served" mean? top
"Distinct Hosts Served" is an even more accurate way of determining your website's traffic. This will show you how many actual individuals (or IP addresses) have visited your site.

For Example:
If someone from visits your site once, the number of distinct hosts will increase by one. If that same person on the same computer visits 10 more times your distinct hosts will not increase any more, because he/she is coming from the same IP address.

What is an "Unresolved Numerical Address"? top
Every computer connected to the Internet must have an address. This address may be a human-friendly domain name, or a numerical address. The numerical address is mandatory; however, not all numerical addresses have an associated domain name. If a numerical address does not have an associated domain name it's considered "unresolvable." The most common occurrence of an unresolvable numerical address stems from users who connect to the internet using dial-up modems through their telephone lines.

In the monthly statistics generated from your log file information, you will find the names of computers that spoke to your web host and retrieved your web pages. Some of these were not assigned domain names, only numerical IP's. These will be flagged as unresolved numerical addresses within your stats.

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