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At Metamend, we understand the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology is a new territory for many. We hope these FAQ pages become a valuable source of information for you. If there are any questions not answered directly by this FAQ, please contact us via our Feedback Form.

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General Questions:

General Questions About Metamend's Services:

What service does Metamend offer? top

Metamend specializes in the development of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technologies and strategies for the promotion and marketing of websites to the search engines. We also offer Search Engine Placement (SEP) services to help promote online businesses.

Metamend's service packages are designed as a 'one stop' optimization service. To reach your site's best search engine visibility, it's recommended you have as many optimized pages as possible. Well optimized sites receive better positioning within the search engines and obtain more relevant traffic.

Metamend's services extend far beyond the technology element of our business. For a complete breakdown of each service offered in our packages, please see Services and Solutions.

Why should I sign up with Metamend? top

Our professional SEO Technicians perform all the work to optimize your website's content and correct errors for you - throughout the year. Metamend believes in one-on-one, personalized customer service - an absolute necessity in today's rapidly growing tech sector.

Our SEO Technicians are extremely well versed in identifying any SEO barriers that exist on your website, and we will remove those barriers for you, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Once optimized, your website is submitted by Metamend to the world's top search engines, directories, and data suppliers, including Google, MSN, and Yahoo!

When you choose Metamend, you are partnering with a highly successful company for your Search Marketing. You are choosing a company that consistently delivers successful results to its clients. But don't take our word for it; find out what our clients are saying about us under Customer Testimonials.

How often will my site be optimized? top

Metamend's content analyzing and meta generating engine will scan your target pages and generate relevant meta tags, based on the content, once per month. This is followed by a complete submission to the top search engines.

When can I expect my traffic from the search engines to change? top

Significant search engine traffic will occur within three to six months after optimization. This time frame is often reduced if a site already exists within the search engines, combined with the implementation of our SEO services.

What about traffic statistics? top

Metamend provides access to an advanced statistical analysis program provided by Urchin Web Analytics. This program delivers monthly traffic statistics gathered from your website's log files. We added this module to our service because it's important for you to be able to track your site's traffic from the search engines in a logical and user friendly manner.

Is Metamend the only tool I should use to promote my on-line business? top

Metamend can only help promote your business within the search engines. You can not ignore the traditional aspects of business promotion. The Internet is the new advertising medium, and Metamend is the tool for automatically optimizing your website for correct placement within the search engines.

Can Metamend work with dynamic web documents? top

Yes! Metamend will create and submit a static HTML snap shot of your dynamic content at the time of the mend. This allows the search engines to index the dynamic content.

What information does Metamend require in order to work with my website? top

At a minimum, Metamend requires the following information:

  • Initial Investment for service level
  • 12 month contract commitment (for full service packages only)
  • Website URL
  • Personal contact information and email address
  • Web server FTP login information
  • A list of the web pages you would like Metamend to optimize

The above information allows Metamend to deliver our minimum level of service. Often, further access is required to finalize the more advanced areas of our manual consultation features.

Sign up is initiated by completing our free Search Engine Friendliness Test. When completed, an account agent will contact you to finalize the transaction.

What are my payment options? top

Metamend currently accepts Visa or MasterCard. We also accept personal cheque, however, service may not commence until payment has cleared.

How does Metamend safeguard my personal information? top

Metamend has taken precautions to protect your confidentiality and security. All of your sensitive data is encrypted and removed from our web server to a second server. We have also made your most sensitive information in the Member's Administration Interface non-readable.

If you have any questions that are not answered by this FAQ page, please contact us via our Feedback Form.

Please read our License Agreement for more information regarding accounting procedures.