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Google Blog Search is a specialized search feature, released in September, 2005. As of December 2005, Google Blog Search was still in beta format.

Google Blog Search is the first search engine to offer full blog and feed search functionality, listing the latest XML and Atom blog feeds. Google's aim is to log every blog feed published to the web. Only content from blog feeds is indexed; Google Blog does not index HTML material from main web pages.

Keeping with Google standards, Google Blog Search uses a clean and simple search interface. It can search in 35 different languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean and Brazilian Portuguese.

Google claims to index blog content as soon as it's published, in real time. At the time this article was written, a test search was conducted. The most recent result for a search on U2 was a blog written within one hour, while a search on Iraq delivered a blog written within 23 minutes. When results are listed, you have the option of sorting by date or by order of relevance.

Google gathers its material by crawling and indexing content from pinging services; therefore only blogs pinged to an update service will be listed. Google promises to provide a blog submission feature in the future, unavailable at the time this article was written.

Advanced search lets you refine your searches for more specific results. With it, you can limit searches to title, author, date and date range.

There are three different methods to search Google Blog Search, which include:
  • Navbar on any Blog*Spot blog

Although you cannot search within a specific blog using the main search interfaces, you can do so if you're using the Navbar.

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