What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is the complete package for promoting your website online. It incorporates a combination of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing strategies that suit your needs, to acquire and deliver a high volume of customers at the most cost effective rates possible, via the Internet.

SEO - Organic Optimization

A company without an internet marketing strategy is lost in today's highly competitive marketplace. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a key component to any successful internet marketing strategy.

The cost of acquiring a customer through the search engines is almost nil compared to the cost of generating a single customer lead via traditional advertising. Since search engines are the tools most people use to find websites, and the cost is negligible, significant value can be added to your website by effectively optimizing your web pages. If your pages are well optimized, they perform better by achieving a higher ranking. And, the higher the ranking, the more visible your web pages are to people actively looking for your products and services.

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SEM - Search Engine Marketing

While organic SEO delivers a significant portion of web traffic, your Internet Marketing strategy becomes even more effective through premeditated, measurable search engine marketing (SEM) tactics. With SEM you can draw targeted traffic to your website with well planned and implemented online advertising strategies.

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