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SEO is Metamend's specialization. But what does that mean?

Our SEO firm ensures that your web site optimization is neither a part time effort, nor a secondary description of work attached to a job function unrelated to SEO or SEM.

At Metamend, over 1,600 dedicated man hours per month are spent on recommendations, implementation, and ongoing Organic SEO management to provide best practice services.

Metamend is at the cutting edge of SEO skills development, which means our customers get found and get results.

Metamend combines SEO expert skills and technology around best practices methodology to ensure that the highest levels of SEO performance are being met every month.

Part time Organic SEO efforts often miss the benchmark practices, and over time, can fail to produce optimal or even necessary results. The outcome is lengthy time delays in driving relevant traffic to your website. The cost is measured in lower Return On Investment, and impacts the net present value of a company's web assets.

To avoid this mistake, Metamend follows a statement of work framed around the deployment discipline of Analysis, Implement, and Manage. Metamend's methodology ensures a consistent and dynamic approach to helping your company's website gain the higher ground in the search engines.

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How does the Metamend SEO service work?

Why do web site operators around the world trust Metamend for their Search Engine Optimization needs? Because it works!