Click Fraud Tracking Resolved by PPC Assurance!

It is possible to track click fraud and other invalid click activity through your managed PPC campaigns with PPC Assurance.

Over the years we have seen many programs designed to protect your ad campaign come and go. Making big promises wrapped around pretty sites, none have actually satisfied our need for information about clicks seen in client campaigns. Not until now that is.

We can sometimes see patterns arise when studying your Google Adsense account. Where you might assume that this traffic was standard Website Usage Patterns, PPC Assurance spots and highlights the causes of clicks to your site. Different products and different websites peak at different times. This is simply due to your market. With PPC Assurance and Click Fraud Tracking software, you can interpret these patterns in a different way. Often those patters look like refunds!

So what does that mean to you? Simply put the PPC Assurance and Click Fraud Tracking product suite empowers businesses with a simple way to validate their PPC charges and resolve instances of improper ad displays. PPC Assurance and Click Fraud Tracking provide companies of all sizes with the tools and data required to obtain independent validation of their PPC charges and maximize their online ad spend.

The Core Features of PPC Assurance

  • Near Real-Time Color Alert Display.
  • Displays alert terms on drop down.
  • User adjustable threshold levels for alerts.
  • Threshold notification (email or SMS).
  • All terms for each parameter can be displayed at any time.
  • All raw data is downloadable for on-site analysis.
  • Detailed real-time data drill-down for PPC & search.
  • Automatically populates PPC Assurance and Click Fraud Tracking data into the system.
  • Default thresholds for alert levels.
  • Price determined by frequency with or without notification.
  • Billing cycle can be set to the parameters in your PPC campaign.
  • PPC Assurance and Click Fraud Tracking History can be retrieved by billing or campaign cycle.
  • Detail can be determined from regular Business Intelligence access.

If you're like us and you want proof about the validity of clicks in your ad-stream with trusted, accountability and easy resolutions then the PPC Assurance package is essential.

Starting at under $20.00 per month, PPC Assurance delivers peace of mind for a fraction of your wasted ad-spend.

If you manage a pay per click advertising campaign and require more information on PPC Assurance and Click Fraud Tracking give us a call and we would be happy to give you a more detailed review.