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Synergistic Networks To Implement Metamend Search Engine Optimization Technology

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Victoria, BC - Feb. 10, 2002 - Metamend announced today it has reached an agreement to provide the firm's search engine optimization (SEO) software and web site marketing technology to Synergistic Networks, Inc. (SynNet) of Elmhurst, Illinois. SynNet plans to implement Metamend's industry leading SEO solutions into its existing lineup of Internet and web development products.

SynNet is the latest in a long line of service providers, hosting companies, and major software and technology leaders to adopt Metamend's search engine optimization service as their solution of choice.

Metamend utilizes proprietary search engine optimization technology to analyze and code web pages for maximum indexing relevance and visibility within the world's top search engines. The process enhances a web site's ability to attract qualified traffic, reliably and economically.

In an interview today, Greg Jiede, president of Synergistic Networks, said: "We have been promoting our Web site marketing programs for the past few years with increasing success. Now, by including Metamend's tools and technology, we can even better prepare our client sites for more effective and ongoing recognition by the major search engines and directories. Our web site search engine optimization and monitoring programs can accomplish their goals more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater impact for our clients."

Richard Zwicky, CEO of Metamend, welcomed SynNet to the company's growing list of alliance partners. "We look forward to working closely with Synergistic Networks. Dating back to their founding as a service provider in 1993, the company has a strong tradition of excellence as a provider of premium web site design and support services. We look forward to adding our offering to their choice selection of premium services. This relationship grew as a result of an introduction through Microsoft's Windows Web Hosting Program."

About Synergistic Networks, Inc.
Synergistic Networks, Inc. (Syn.Net) is a full service Web design, development and hosting service, intent on developing long-term relationships with its clients, helping them adopt and deploy Internet technologies. SynNet's staff includes experienced Webmasters, graphics artists, programmers, applications developers, database administrators, network engineers, systems consultants and seasoned professionals in its target vertical markets. In addition to developing customized solutions for many of its clients, Syn.Net also offers a product/service line of cost-effective Internet, Web and Intranet solutions for small to mid-size organizations including: NetBusiness - Web, E-commerce, Intranet and Email solutions for business - WebSuite for Associations - Applications providing a professional online presence for not-for-profit organizations - E-Dition - Web and Internet solutions for trade publications SynNet's corporate offices are located in Elmhurst, IL, approximately 17 miles west of downtown Chicago.

About Metamend
Metamend specializes in the development and integration of search engine optimization and promotion technologies, strategies and solutions. Independent web site operators, Corporations, hosting firms and world leading e-commerce solution providers have all implemented Metamend's search engine optimization services.

Todd Hooge
Director of Operations
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