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Metamend Brands "Geomend" GIS Tag - Enters Implementation Phase *This service no longer applies

First in world software merges GIS and Web Site SEO technologies.

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VICTORIA, BC - March 11, 2003 - Metamend announced today its new Brand name and Meta Tag format for its recently developed address extraction technology. Dubbed "Geomend" the tagging procedure, has entered the implementation phase and will be incorporated throughout Metamend's client network by April, 2003.

The company is releasing the Geomend branded tag less than a month since its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Address Extraction technology was announced, in hopes of quick adoption as an industry standard.

The implementation procedure incorporates the actual GIS latitude and longitude coordinates into the new Geomend tag, which will be placed into the actual source code of a web page, to be read by a search engine's 'spidering' program. In addition to Metamend's current SEO tagging set, the new Geomend tag will allow a web site to be included within search engine results for goods and services sorted by location and proximity.

"We've had tremendous response to the original announcement of our address extraction technology, stated Metamend CEO Richard Zwicky. "Inquiries from Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Africa, Europe and of course the U.S. have been flooding in. What we need now is for one of the Major Search Engines with enough foresight to see the big picture, to accept the Geomend tag as a standard tag format and for the Search Engine spiders to begin reading and absorbing the data." Asked whether or not there has been any discussion with the Search Engines themselves in this regard, Zwicky acknowledged, "Yes, we've had a few calls." "We are also seeking alliances with Telcos, Wireless and Location Based Services, said Zwicky. "They will be eventually delivering this location specific GIS data to their end user clients as a revenue stream, so it's in everyone's best interest to assist us in having the Geomend tag standard adopted as quickly as possible.

The company has also secured the domain name as brand support, and a resource for publication of white papers, future product announcements, and information on the benefits of SEO, GIS tagging and location-based services. The site should also be online by April 2003.

For more information regarding the new GIS address extraction technology, or Geomend tagging, contact Metamend directly or visit their web site.

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