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Metamend Implements Stellar Reseller Program

VICTORIA, BC - April 17, 2003 - Hot on the heels of a complete redesign of its pricing structure for retail and e-commerce channels, Metamend today announced it has introduced a reseller program for its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

Rhythmically captioned the "Stellar Reseller" program, the company is inviting Telco's, Hosting Companies, ISP's, ASP's Independent Web Designers and Web Design firms as well as sales professionals to capitalize on the growth of Metamend's market share within the SEO industry.

Once approved, resellers will have the ability to instantly generate revenue streams, simply by recommending Metamend's SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to third parties with web sites.

Authorized resellers will have additional incentives to be motivated. Low overhead for one. In exchange for direct referrals, the company is willing to assume all CRM, customer support and billing functions, a measurable bonus for web hosting firms and others wishing to expand their product offerings, without incurring additional technical support costs.

Resellers will be assigned their own identification number for revenue tracking purposes. The only caveat the company has instilled is a reseller must be an active Metamend client. The request makes complete sense from a technical perspective as it ensures the integrity of the company's SEO services will be spread throughout it's existing network.

Metamend recently introduced an entirely new pricing structure which includes many advanced SEO options designed to appeal to a much broader spectrum of web site owner. To facilitate this move, several levels of Metamend's SEO services will no longer require File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access, consequently allowing companies who currently provide hosting, e-commerce in-a-box, dynamically generated or template driven web products, to finally gain direct access to the benefits of the firm's much heralded search engine optimization and web site marketing solutions.

These "open door" marketing strategies Metamend has recently introduced should extend the firm's already tenable grip deeper into the SEO, SEM and ASP marketplaces. The newly announced reseller program can only serve to enhance that grasp.

For more information on the Metamend Reseller Program please click here.

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Metamend specializes in the development and integration of automated search engine marketing and promotion technologies, strategies and solutions. Corporations, independent web site operators, hosting firms and world leading e-commerce solution providers have implemented Metamend's innovative search engine optimization solutions.

Todd Hooge,
Director of Operations
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