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Metamend Welcomes Wow! Branding as Channel Partner

VICTORIA, BC - June 18, 2003
Metamend today announced a new strategic alliance and channel partnership with WOW Branding, of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Metamend is a world leader in the development and implementation of Search Engine Optimization technology and solutions. Their service increases a web site's visibility within the Internet's top search engines, and drives relevant traffic and customers, to those web sites.

WOW! A branding company - is a highly influential brand development firm quickly becoming internationally recognized for its innovative approach to creating, implementing and managing the entire branding process.

The new alliance forges a symbiotic bond between Metamend's search engine optimization (SEO) technology and WOW's about within the advertising and marketing industries. An important component of any branding process involves the development of a strong online presence. In many cases actual online ecommerce sales also need to be established as well as consumer support.

Dann Ilicic, CEO of WOW, expressed enthusiasm for the new alliance. "Online visibility is absolutely crucial when developing and marketing a newly branded product," stated Ilicic. "Metamend has consistently proven that its SEO technology works. It actually does help drive customers to web sites. Having this alliance with Metamend gives us the ability to guarantee to our clients that their online identity will be visible and their web sites will be found. The alliance provides an excellent value proposition for both parties," stated Ilicic.

Richard Zwicky, CEO of Metamend, welcomed the advent of a Branding company to the impressive list of channel partners and strategic alliances Metamend has managed to secure over the past two years. "When we started this company, we were looking for recognition for our SEO products and technology strictly within the IT sector," explained Zwicky. "We are now finding that Search Engine Optimization, when applied properly, can open up entirely different markets."

"Business has realized that web site visibility via SEO, is the most cost effective and result oriented marketing you can find, bar none." "WOW is a world class branding specialist," continued Zwicky. "We are very pleased to have them on board and will be happy to recommend their services to anyone looking develop or improve a brand name product. Clients from both firms will benefit from this relationship."

About Wow! A Branding Company
WOW! is a highly influential Vancouver-based brand strategy and communications company, which is rapidly achieving an international reputation. WOW! focuses on identifying, defining and then unleashing the WOW!ZoneTM for our clients (this is where the brand really makes an emphatic difference). We relish the task of maximizing a powerful corporate positioning for clients who have the skills, the desire and the credentials to adopt a leadership position, and then following through with compelling and effective design and communications.

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About Metamend
Metamend specializes in the development and integration of automated search engine marketing and promotion technologies, strategies and solutions. Corporations, independent web site operators, hosting firms and world leading e-commerce solution providers have implemented Metamend's innovative search engine optimization solutions.

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