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Metamend Introduces SEO Phraseology Technology
VICTORIA, BC, - Hot on the heels of Google's purchase of Kaltix, a firm developing context-sensitive search technologies; Metamend, the leading search engine optimization (SEO) software company has announced its own phase one implementation for the next generation of the firm's SEO technology: Phraseology Software.

The Phraseology technology combines the firms existing contextual content analysis capabilities with newly developed language algorithms which extract the essence of a document and construct natural language phrases of grammatically and contextually correct content.

When a human reads a document, they contextually analyze it to summarize its meaning. Search engines attempt to perform the same function. They require a clear understanding of the content and intent of the document. A variety of data is absorbed by search engines during the spidering and indexing process. These include textual content within a document, as well as, Meta Tag and other marker information. The process enables the search engine to "read" a web site and properly display the document as a relevant search result.

This process however, is predicated on having good meaningful content for the search engine to absorb the first place. Should there be a dearth of content within a document, (often the case) the search engine may encounter obstacles for relevant indexing and proper categorization.

Metamend's existing SEO technology already performs contextual analysis and content extraction, to mimic this process and is also capable of automatically making the necessary source code edits and updates to ensure the engines can read and understand the subject matter within a web site.

The newly developed Phraseology technology can parse an entire document, and summarize it to a few key phrases or messages, for the purposes of optimizing the document for relevant indexing within the Internet's search engines. The key messages generated by the software will be inserted back into the document and incorporated as part of the optimization process.

The next generation or Phase 2, of the implementation process will empower the software to combine the system generated key messages utilizing standard rules of grammar, to create a series of meaningful summary phrases. These phrases will be used to further ensure sufficient relevant content within a document to permit proper indexing and performance within the search engines and search results.

While the search engines are all working hard to develop new algorithms to understand the context and intent of documents, Metamend has built software that is able to learn from real world experience and perform strategic contextual content creation which will better allow the search engines to do their jobs.

Elements of the Phraseology technology will be integrated as part of Metamend's search engine optimization services, over the next six weeks.

Todd Hooge,
Director of Operations
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