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Metamend to provide (SEO) technology to UK based, K15 Limited

June 04, 2004 - VICTORIA, BC - Metamend Software & Design Ltd. today announced it has signed an agreement to provide the firm's search engine optimization (SEO) technology to UK based, K15 Limited.

K15 is an Internet Marketing and Search Engine Promotion Company providing consultancy and technology to UK businesses. The firm manages a strategic mix of web site promotion, pay for performance and permission based marketing specializing in feeding business intelligence into organic optimization campaigns to produce long-term 'return on investment' for clients.

Metamend specializes in the development and implementation of search technologies and services. The company is regarded by many as the world leader within the SEO field. Metamend's search technology is capable of automatically reading and contextually analyzing a document's textual structure then combines this information with real world language algorithms and search pattern usage, to determine the overall relevance of the document. The document is then optimized andMeta Tagged with the appropriate information.

Metamend has also developed proprietary address extraction technology which can code web documents with specific location-based geo-locational coordinates. This 'Geomend' *Note: this service no longer applies technology ensures web pages are able to be indexed properly by both traditional search engines and the new breed of wireless search engines. The result being the generation of contextually meaningful data sets completely relevant to each document, including specific location for proximity based searches. This ability matches nicely with the local search abilities sought by the search engines themselves.

K15 Founder and CEO, Paul Bennett, described the benefits the agreement would bring to his firm. "Our mission has always been to help our clients engage the power and cost-effectiveness of lead generation via web site promotion and online marketing initiatives. UK internet marketers have already begun to embrace such web technologies that can broaden their search engine marketing horizons. Our new association with Metamend will allow K15 to continue to gain position in the UK marketplace."

Metamend CEO, Richard Zwicky, welcomed K15, saying "K15 offers Metamend an opportunity to enter the UK market via a strategic partner with strong local routes. K15 will be private labeling our technology, and packaging it with other services to meet the needs of their market. The UK offers tremendous opportunities for products such as ours, but also challenges to entry. We were faced with the geographical challenge of being half a world away, coupled with local market demands which are unique to the UK, and need to be properly respected. Working with K15 allows us to surmount these challenges, and offer a partner a solution designed to fulfill the needs of their client base. This is a tremendous opportunity for all parties. We look forward to working with K15, and helping their clients achieve success online."

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