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Nov. 8, 2004 - Victoria, BC - Metamend and Invision Internet Services, Inc. today announced they have entered into a private label agreement to provide Metamend's search engine optimization (SEO) technology to Invision Internet Services client base..

The Metamend SEO solution utilizes proprietary optimization software technology to tune web sites for premium performance within the world's top search engines. This technology analyzes a web site's textual content within seconds, helping maximize the web sites potential in attracting targeted traffic and higher relevant search results and rankings.

Invision Internet Services is a leading provider of site and community-building products and services. They focus upon both developing high-quality software products and first-class Internet services, with the additional focus on providing value-add business services to meet the needs of any size business. Invisions' popular suites of community management and business services tools are utilized by such organizations as Sony, Yahoo! and AMD.

Invision Internet Services President, John Fisher stated, "We believe that Invision Internet Services has made a strong move in aligning itself to the SEO tools and solutions of Metamend, as it is the perfect compliment to our Community and Hosted Forum offerings. We maintain the idea that online businesses, whether SOHO/NOHO, small business all the way through the enterprise corporation, can increase their customer retention, reduce customer acquisition costs and sustain their customer base through proactive online communities. However, getting the customers there in the first place often relies on an aggressive SEO strategy coupled with strong Internet marketing practices. Combining Metamend solutions with our already powerful community and Internet business solutions will ensure our customers find even greater success with us."

Richard Zwicky, Metamend CEO had the following statement. "It's wonderful to add another strong partner to our list of formalized relationships. Out sourcing your SEO requirements is rapidly finding industry wide acceptance. It is much more complicated these days to stay on top of all the search engine changes. Once most firms do the math, it makes complete economic sense to out source their SEO needs to a professional firm like Metamend. We are proud to have been selected by yet another major organization in the IT Industry to provide our technology and services. We welcome Invision Internet Services as our newest partner and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship."

About Invision Internet Services
Invision Internet Services ( is a whole new kind of place on the Internet dedicated to the people with Small Businesses, Internet Businesses, and Hobbyists alike. IIS will focuses on providing complete turn-key or ale carte solutions to Infopreneurs, NOHO/SOHO groups, Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Businesses. IIS provides the place where people and their businesses can access Enterprise Level Products and Services at Small Business Prices, with Premier Service and Support backing it all up! We provide direct level consulting services and subject matter experts as personal advisors. Our expectation is you and your business will find greater success via our products and services.

About Metamend
Metamend's SEO enterprise solution is a popular choice for larger design houses, and ISP's wishing to out source non-core business to specialized providers, as well as with hosting companies and managed service provider's interested in white labeled web site optimization services for their clients. Metamend specializes in the development and integration of automated search engine marketing and promotion technologies and private label web site optimization and submission solutions. Corporations, independent web site operators, hosting firms, and world leading Ecommerce solution providers have all implemented Metamend's innovative search engine optimization solutions. The company currently has clients in 54 countries around the world.

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